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SYFY WIRE Marvel's Spider-Man

Venom coming to Playstation 5 in 'Spider-Man 2,' as Insomniac also reveals new 'Wolverine' game

By Justin Carter
Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Get ready for more Marvel, courtesy of Insomniac Games. Today at the PlayStation 5 event, it was revealed that the studio currently developing Marvel's Spider-Man 2. That shouldn't come as a surprise to you, given the critical and commercial success of the 2018 game and last year's spinoff Miles Moralesbut at least it's nice to have hard confirmation.

The sequel will see Peter Parker (Yuri Lowenthal) and Miles Morales (Nadji Jeter) team up to defend New York once again, but this time as a dynamic duo.  

The trailer trades off between showing Peter and Miles in action, occasionally working together as an ominous voice narrates about wanting a challenge, one that he hopes he'll find in the duo. At the end of the trailer, the narrator's voice is replaced by another, who ominously replies: "Yes...we will." That would be none other than Venom. Y'know, that guy who kinda dislikes Spiders and has quite the history with both heroes. Oh, and who voices Venom? None other than the Candyman himself, Tony Todd, as revealed on the PlayStation Blog for Insomniac's two reveals. 

In addition to that, Insomniac also revealed they're taking the reins on another Marvel hero: Wolverine. The most invincible mutant of the X-Men is getting his own solo game, exclusively for the PS5. It's been awhile since Logan's had a game all to himself — while he's been part of many team affairs like Ultimate Alliance 3 or the upcoming tactical-RPG Midnight Suns, last time his name was on the marquee was 2009's surprisingly solid game adaptation of X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The teaser was extremely brief, but very Wolverine: Logan in a bar that's recently been trashed, most likely by him. While he drinks, someone tries to get the drop on him, and he pops his claws. 'Nuff said. Wolverine is intended to be a standalone game from the creative team behind Miles. Both games are sizable additions to Marvel's big budget games lineup, which includes the aforementioned Suns and Square Enix's Guardians of the Galaxy game, which got a trailer during the event. 

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is expected to swing onto the PS5 in 2023, while Marvel's Wolverine will slash its way to the console within the next year or two.