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Echo, Forge & other Indigenous heroes take the spotlight in 'Marvel's Voices: Heritage' anthology this fall

By Matthew Jackson

Last year, Marvel began its Voices line of comics anthologies with a focus on spotlighting diverse creators and the diverse cast of characters within the Marvel Universe. Now, as the line expands to include more creators and voices in the coming months, the publisher is preparing its first Voices follow-up with another round of stories spotlighting Indigenous writers, artists, and characters.

Thursday morning, Marvel announced that this November will bring the launch of Marvel's Voices: Heritage #1, a new oversized one-shot that will follow in the footsteps of last year's Indigenous Voices #1 to tell stories of the publisher's various Indigenous characters through the lens of a diverse array of creators.


Though the full range of talent for the issue has not yet been revealed, Marvel also announced Thursday that we can expect Heritage to feature the "full story" behind River, the new character from the Echo series written by Rebecca Roanhorse, as well as a new Snowguard story from co-creator Nyla Innuksuk, and work from new creators making their mark on Marvel Comics for the very first time.

After beginning its life as a podcast series spotlighting the diverse voices of Marvel creators, Marvel's Voices made the leap to the comics pages in 2020 as a series of anthologies that have since grown to include a range of focuses. In addition to Indigenous Voices, we've seen issues that focus on the women of the Marvel Universe (Marvel's Voices: Legacy), LGBTQ+ characters and creators (Marvel's Voice: Pride), and more.

Next week, Marvel's Voices: Identity will arrive to spotlight Asian creators and characters, and in October Marvel's Voices: Comunidades will focus on Latinx characters and creators.

Marvel's Voices: Heritage arrives in November, and Marvel teased that more announcements regarding its talent are coming soon.

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