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Meet a creature who eats time in exclusive look at Tim Seeley's sci-fi-horror graphic novel 'Chronophage'

What if your romantic dream come true was also devouring your past?

By Matthew Jackson
Chronophage Cover

What if you fell for a vampire who feasted not on blood, but on time? What if the future you were trying to build was emerging at the cost of your past, not metaphorically, but literally? What if you had to choose which moments of your own life were devoured and lost forever?

These are the big questions that haunt Chronophage, the new sci-fi-horror-romance graphic novel from writer Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) and artist Ilias Kyriazis, arriving next month from Humanoids. An intriguing blend of genres and concepts, the book aims to merge a romance with the horrors of literally losing time, and watching what happens when the specters of the past come back to haunt you. 

“Humanoids has let us tell a contained horror romance here… a high concept, terrifying tale about relationships and the time we put into them,” Seeley said in a statement. “No matter how long a life can seem, the moments we share with the people we love are finite and can usually be counted in hours. That scares me more than just about anything else. Ilias brings a real humanity to this story, and I think you're going to fall in love with both our leads, even if one of them isn't what they say they are."

Kyriazis added, “Chronophage was a big challenge, telling a story that was real and emotional but also crazy and terrifying. I loved that I got to use things that only comics can do and present a story about time by manipulating space. The goal was to make a comic that you’ll want to reread.”

Chronophage follows Chloe, a single mother who falls for a traveling businessman whose mysterious allure captivates her, and whose presence seems to be making her life better than it's ever been. As the relationship goes on, she begins to notice strange specters of her past creeping up, signaling that moments she once had as memories no longer exist as part of the life she's lived. Heath, her lover, is an eater of time, and he's been keeping himself fed on her past. But what happens if Chloe lets the entirety of the life she once knew get gobbled up?

In the exclusive pages below, you can see how this all begins, as Chloe meets Heath, and develops a connection that will soon turn eerie. 

Chronophage P 12
Chronophage P 13
Chronophage P 14
Chronophage P 15
Chronophage P 16

According to Seeley, the concept for Chronophage is more than just an intriguing blend of sci-fi and horror. It's a personal meditation on how he's dealing with lost time of his own, given the events of the last two years. 

"Chronophage is a really personal work, which I guess can be a weird thing to say about a monster story, but the idea of a vampire not of blood but of time has felt really relevant to me during the pandemic, especially having a two-year-old daughter," he said. "It's also really scary and sexy, and as much 'me' as I could get away with!"

Featuring an introduction by none other than Mister Miracle and Vision writer Tom King, Chronophage arrives February 15 from Humanoids.