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Mercedes-Benz's new 56-inch 'Hyperscreen' may be the closest we'll get to piloting a spaceship

By James Comtois
Mercedes-Benz MBUX system

What was it that Janis Joplin sang? "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz? My current car just has knobs and dials, so I must make amends."  

Well, Mercedes-Benz's new out-of-this-world tech would certainly make said amends.

Look. The sad truth is that very few, if any of us, will know the thrill of sailing among the stars. But thanks to Mercedes-Benz, we just may have a taste of what it would feel like to operate our own starship while still Earthbound.

The luxury car company has just unveiled a new giant touch screen console for its Mercedes-Benz EQS. Eschewing physical buttons in favor of a completely digital and voice-controlled 56-inch touchscreen, the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (or MBUX for short) Hyperscreen system has been designed to not only be intuitive and user-friendly, but also to learn its users’ needs and make custom suggestions that make their lives easier. It’s like your own personal J.A.R.V.I.S. (before he became Vision). Or KITT. Or an Alexa on wheels.

In a news release announcing the MBUX Hyperscreen, Mercedes-Benz AG Chief Technology Officer Sajjad Khan described it as "both the brain and nervous system of the car," adding that the system "continually gets to know the customer better and delivers a tailored, personalized infotainment and operating offerings without the occupant needing to click or scroll anywhere."

Mercedes-Benz has developed the MBUX user interface to have context-sensitive awareness and provide certain functions at the appropriate time for the user. For example, if the driver always calls a specific person on the way home on Tuesday evenings, the system will ask to make that call on that day of the week and that time of day. But if someone else drives the EQS on a Tuesday evening, this recommendation won’t be made.

Plus, and this is the most important aspect, it looks like the freakin' future. Seriously, it’s like the touch-screen consoles from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Check out the demo and pictures provided by Mercedes-Benz below...

Mercedes-Benz MBUX system
Mercedes-Benz MBUX system
Mercedes-Benz MBUX system

Originally unveiled in 2018 for the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the MBUX Hyperscreen will be an option in the upcoming EQS luxury electric sedan later this year. Engage.