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Minding a shop is 'Dangerous Business' in this week's Star Wars Resistance

By Preeti Chhibber & Swapna Krishna
Star Wars Resistance Dangerous Business 5

Kaz is back in action, quite literally, in this week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance! In “Dangerous Business” he’s tasked with watching over the acquisitions shop while Flix and Orka visit the parents. Of course, nothing ever goes smoothly where Kaz is involved, and when a shady alien steals a dangerous part from the shop, he has to try and get it back without anyone finding out. What he uncovers is a plot to get mining materials off of the Colossus and into the hands of the First Order!

Swapna: Let’s talk about the most important part of this episode: Orka and Flix are back!!!!


Swapna: Can I just say how much I adore that they were going to visit family? And their bickering is the BEST.

Preeti: Seriously, they are so cute and I want an entire episode that is dedicated to their lives. How did they meet? What are their dinner conversations like??

Swapna: These are important questions that we must have answers to.

Preeti: I do enjoy their banter with Kaz, because they’re just half a step ahead of him and it’s so fun to watch.

Star War Resistance Dangerous Business 3

Swapna: It really is. This episode generally was fun to watch! It furthered the overarching plot a little bit while giving us an entertaining installment. It was also great to see Kaz actually fixing a ship instead of breaking one at the beginning (though he does break one by the end).

Preeti: At least it was a ship he was trying to break this time. Competent Kaz is my favorite Kaz, to be honest. He’s still allowed to be awkward and goofy, but in the midst of that awkwardness and goofiness, he’s still an asset to the resistance. He made a lot of smart calls in this episode. I especially loved how he didn’t need to be rescued from the container. He got out with quick thinking!

Swapna: Yes, and then he rescued BB-8! We’ve talked about this before, but episodes like this help us see what Poe saw in Kaz in the pilot. It’s nice to see him getting the job done.

Star War Resistance Dangerous Business 2

Preeti: I enjoyed the pacing of this episode quite a bit. There was one single plot thread, and we followed it through. It allowed for the danger to simmer, so the stakes felt high even though by the end Kaz succeeds in keeping the part out of the First Order’s inventory.

Swapna: I was honestly wondering whether this episode did move the First Order plot forward because we already knew that they were mining heavy asteroids. It was Kaz’s “... Or something else?” that made me realize that there’s probably a lot more going on here than meets the eye.

Preeti: Right, my brain for a second was like, IT’S THE KYBER CRYSTALS, before I remembered that this is the wrong era for that particular element to be mined. But I am very curious as to what that line could mean for the villains. As far as The Force Awakens goes, we don’t learn much of what drives The First Order beyond grand schemes. Resistance is a great opportunity for us to see the depth of their villainy, much in the way Clone Wars gave us insight to the Empire.

Swapna: Yes, I agree! The difficulty of the Star Wars movies is that there’s only so much background you can give in a two-and-a-half-hour movie. If all you’ve seen is The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, and you haven’t read any of the books or other Expanded Universe stuff, you don’t know much about the galaxy. We find those little hints of what the First Order is up to and where it came from in forms like this.

Star War Resistance Dangerous Business 1

Preeti: So what could they be mining?? I’m dying to know.

Swapna: My original assumption was something associated with the weapon on Starkiller Base. But now I’m not so sure, I’m wondering if Resistance is going to take us in a different direction. After all, we know it’s set just a few months before The Force Awakens.

Preeti: I’m really hoping it does go in another direction because the amount of set up to see a weapon we already know exists and gets destroyed would be painfully repetitive. I want something that will shift my understanding of The Force Awakens … which I realize is a big want to have.

Swapna: It is, but it’s almost to be expected. I mean, how much did Rebels and especially Clone Wars enrich our understanding of the movies? These shows tie into the movies, but also help explain and reveal more about what’s going on. I’d also be disappointed if there was this much build-up to reveal something we already know. I’m excited for this first season to continue to unfold so we can find out.

Preeti: Also, I’d like to request more fight scenes with BB-8. That was a master class in butt kicking!