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SYFY WIRE Monkey Man

Monkey Man: Dev Patel Is a (Literal) Beast in Bloody and Brutal New Trailer - Watch Now

The new trailer for Monkey Man sends Dev Patel rampaging through India's underworld.

By Matthew Jackson

We're just two weeks away from the theatrical debut of Monkey Man, the new action-revenge drama from director and star Dev Patel and producer Jordan Peele. Now, a new trailer is here to get audiences even more stoked for the brutal madness that is Patel's directorial debut.

Patel (who also co-wrote the film) stars as Kid, a young man with a tragic past who scrapes by fighting in underground boxing clubs in the underworld of the Indian city where he lives. But Kid's not just scraping by, he's biding his time, waiting for an opportunity to go after something bigger.

Years earlier, Kid lost his family in a horrible attack led by a corrupt local official (Sikandar Kher), and a new piece of information has finally given him what he needs to infiltrate that official's inner sanctum, a nightclub where the rich and powerful feast on their spoils, treating the lower classes like "animals." As the trailer below shows, Kid might not have the same killer instinct as his opponents, but once he starts this journey of vengeance, he's not going to stop.

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Watch the New Trailer for Monkey Man

Inspired by the Hindu legend of Hanuman, Monkey Man's long road to the big screen was almost as treacherous and difficult as Kid's journey to confront the people behind his mother's death. Patel and crew endured everything from COVID shutdowns to broken equipment to, at one point, a broken hand that Patel literally had to fight through, only to then find the film without a theatrical home.

That's when Peele stepped in with his Monkeypaw Productions banner, eventually shepherding Monkey Man to distribution with Universal Pictures

Now, after a SXSW premiere that saw Patel receive a standing ovation for his work on the film, Monkey Man is almost upon general audiences, and it stands as one of the most-anticipated action movies of the year. 

Monkey Man hits theaters April 5. Get tickets at Fandango.