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Neron takes Ray and a surprising betrayal in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

By Trent Moore
Legends of Tomorrow Nate and Zari

Neron makes a play for a permanent new host and nearly kills a Legend in the process — but he does manage to flip an ally to the side of evil. Oh, and Nate and Zari finally hook up.

Spoilers ahead for “Egg MacGuffin,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Monday, April 29, 2019.

If this episode had an alternate title, it’d likely be “The Doormat.” The theme of the downtrodden man is threaded through the story in its entirety, from the A story to the B story and all the way through the C story. It first comes up in book club, after Sara actually manages to read the book — and it turns out the killer is the guy who is the “doormat” of the story, getting used and abused by everyone around him. Then Sara uses that concept to solve the mission of the week, realizing the archaeologist’s assistant is the one out to steal what turns out to be a dragon egg (maybe we’ll get a Game of Thrones easter egg down the line?).

The theme finally came home in the worst way possible when Neron, still battling for control of Ray, makes an appeal to the hapless sidekick of the Legends universe — Gary. He was introduced as the butt of the joke and has mostly remained that ever since his first appearance, but Neron finally forces him to face a bit of self-awareness. Neron shows Gary what the Legends, and the bureau, really think of him (which admittedly isn’t inaccurate, because yeah, Gary’s rarely been more than a punchline), and gifts him a hell-touched piece of himself to pull him to the dark side.

That’s right — Gary’s long-lost nipple, which has spent a bit of time in hell, is returned to his chest. That’s not a sentence you ever think you’ll type, but hey, this is Legends we’re talking about here. Anything is possible. Even evil, hell-spawned nipples.

As for Neron, he nearly kills Nate, pushing Ray to the point where he willingly accepts Neron’s possession so long as he spares Nate. So Neron Ray and Evil Gary disappear, setting up what looks to be a face-off with the team next week.

Assorted musings

Legends of Tomorrow Zari

The throwback mission to the Indiana Jones era was a fun one, giving Zari and Nate a chance to get a little closer in their burgeoning relationship. They almost hook up, and eventually do get a chance to make out, while Nate recovers from his beating at Neron Ray’s hands.

Charlie and Rory get a fun side mission, too, as Rory gets a chance to finally go public with his ghostwriting romance career. It was a sweet moment to see Rory finally show that vulnerability in public, after keeping his writing so secretive for the past several seasons. The ol’ fire bug really does have a heart.

Hey, Constantine managed to get Nora awake — and now she’s quickly been recruited into the Time Bureau. If they do keep up the magic stuff next season, she’s certainly being positioned for a seat on the Waverider.

Next week: The team faces off with Neron Ray in the middle of some icy locale.