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SYFY WIRE Resident Evil

Netflix cancels 'Resident Evil' series just weeks after the release of the show’s first season

The first and only season of Netflix's Resident Evil premiered on the streaming platform on July 14. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
Resident Evil Season 1

Netflix’s Resident Evil series, which premiered just over a month ago, will not get a second season. According to Deadline, the show didn’t get enough views in light of its associated costs to convince the streaming platform to greenlight more episodes.  

In the Resident Evil universe, a deadly virus has brought on a global apocalypse where the survivors must fight to survive in a world overrun with blood-thirsty, zombie-like creatures. The series was the latest addition to the Resident Evil franchise, which spans nine core video games and seven films, the first six of which star Milla Jovoich and the seventh of which was a reboot that came out last year.

According to showrunner Andrew Dabb, the Netflix series was its own thing, but would pay homage to the games and films that came before it. “The movies went big and crazy (and I love them), and the games tend to be smaller and more contained (although not always, as the later games get a little bit bigger),” Dabb told SYFY WIRE in an interview before the first season’s release. “How can we do something that exists in the world of Resident Evil and can honor both things? So for us, the games are our backstory, we are a horror-first show, although certainly, we go big into action, too.” 

Sadly, the series, which jumped from just before the zombie apocalypse to 14 years after the zombies had taken over, didn’t do as well as some at Netflix would have liked. We still have the first season to watch, however, along with all the games and films.

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