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WIRE Buzz: Netflix takes on YA Thor and Loki in 'Ragnarok' trailer; Hunter's Moon werewolf trailer; more

By Jacob Oller
Ragnarok Netflix

When words like “Thor” and “Ragnarok” are thrown around, genre fans may immediately associate them with the MCU and writer/director Taika Waititi. But what a new Netflix series asks them to consider is what if Thor and Loki weren’t actually superheroes/supervillains, but were actually Norwegian high schoolers. 

That’s where YA series Ragnarok, a six-part Norwegian language show from Adam Price, comes in — and yes there’s plenty of brotherly tension for fans of the Norse MCU duo. The first trailer, which dropped today, has plenty of supernatural powers and school drama for fans to sink their teeth into as Thor: Love and Thunder begins its long journey to the big screen.

Take a look:

Ragnarok, the ultimate conflict between the gods and the giants, is still happening in Edda...right after class. David Stakston, Jonas Strand Gravli, Theresa Frostad Eggesbø, Herman Tømmeraas, Emma Bones, Henriette Steenstrup, Tani Mathias Hansen, Danu Suntharasigamany, and Odd-Magnus Williamson all help bring the mythological conflict to a head — no costumes required.

Ragnarok comes to Netflix on Jan. 31.

Next, a familiar genre face is hunting a beloved monster in a new schlocky trailer. Thomas Jane (The Expanse, The Predator) is starring in Hunter's Moon, a straight-to-VOD release from writer/director Michael Caissie all about a town full of werewolves.

Now the film, which sets Jane’s sheriff against a small town gang of thuggish boys and a supernatural predator of the night as he attempts to defend three teen girls at a party. If that sounds like every single horror trope rolled into one film, Hunter's Moon still has one more surprise for genre fans: a trailer with an old-school voiceover artist.

Check it out:

So, home invasion? Check. Teen girl party? Check. Pitch black so the low-budget monster is freakier? Double check. It’s a slasher film with the furriest slasher this side of a bearded Jason Voorhees. Jane is joined by a cast including Jay Mohr, Sean Patrick Flanery, Katrina Bowden, Amanda Wyss, and India Ennenga for Caissie’s feature debut. 

The bloody fun begins when Hunter's Moon hits home release on March 24.

Finally, another YA take on a supernatural favorite is coming to the small screen. Mysticism in the woods is a classic story, older as myths and fairy tales, and now author Robert Beatty’s Willa of the Wood will bring a new take on the concept to TV.

According to Deadline, the Faeran and their clan’s premiere thief Willa is getting the adaptation from Amy Adams’ company, Bond Group Entertainment and eOne. They’d previously linked up to adapt Sharp Objects for HBO, which starred Adams.

Willa of the Wood, the first book in a series based around the titular night-spirit, could kick off a longer-running show based around the fantasy world and the more mundane human world that Willa and her like have been warned away from.

No timeline for the series has yet been announced.