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SYFY WIRE Battlestar Galactica

No, that new Battlestar Galactica series from Mr. Robot creator won’t be a reboot after all

By James Comtois
Battlestar Galactica 215 Scar

When the news broke that Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail was working on a new version of Battlestar Galactica for NBC’s upcoming streaming service, Peacock, word spread around the internet that it would be a reboot of the series originally conceived by Glen Larson, then later remade by Ronald D. Moore. And although details of the upcoming show are scarce (most likely because it’s in the nascent stages of development), Esmail has taken to social media to set the record straight: His BSG will NOT be rebooting Moore’s version from the 2000s.

“BSG fans, this will NOT be a remake of the amazing series @RonDMoore launched because ... why mess with perfection? Instead, we’ll explore a new story within the mythology while staying true to the spirit of Battlestar,” Esmail tweeted. “So say we all!”

So there you have it. This iteration of Battlestar will tell a story within the narrative universe that Moore created. No word yet, of course, on whether we can expect to see any familiar faces in Esmail’s new series.

A report from Deadline reveals that Esmail’s upcoming BSG series comes with Moore’s blessing. Moore oversaw the massively popular reimagining of Larson's original series from the late 1970s, which aired on SYFY (back when it was the Sci-Fi Channel) from 2004 to 2009.

This new show is part of Esmail’s recently announced four-year exclusive overall deal with Universal Content Productions for a rumored $20 million to $25 million per year.

While fans await Esmail’s BSG, they can bide their time by checking out SYFY WIRE’s Battlestar Galacticast, a podcast dedicated to Moore’s series.

Peacock, NBC’s new streaming service, will launch April 2020.

(Note: NBC Universal and its parent company, Comcast, own SYFY WIRE.)