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SYFY WIRE The New Mutants

WIRE Buzz: New Mutants apparently still opening at end of August; Mexican Gothic heads to Hulu; My Spy 2

By Jacob Oller
The New Mutants

The long-delayed X-Men film The New Mutants shocked (or failed to shock) superhero fans made cynical by a movie that’s release schedule has been pushed time and time again due to behind-the-scenes reasons. If the Disney-Fox merger postponed the film’s theatrical release, why wouldn’t the coronavirus have the same effect? Well, it’s only two weeks out from the Comic-Con panel’s reiterated release date and there’s no sign of delay — in fact, even theaters think this is really going to happen.

According to Variety, filmmaker Josh Boone’s movie is “for sure opening August 28th.” That’s what one exhibitor says, at least, though with AAA films like Tenet and Mulan taking drastic action to take the COVID-19 pandemic into account, opening a superhero movie—any superhero movie—would be a bold move. And a potentially dangerous one, considering how poorly the U.S. has dealt with the pandemic so far. So badly, in fact, that the rest of the world is getting to see Tenet before us.

However, it seems like Disney is going full steam ahead on the film’s exhibition plan, sending an outline for theatrical plans and ticket presales (starting on Aug. 18) on Monday. It even released an IMAX poster:

IMAX New Mutants poster

If this actually goes through, New Mutants would be the first studio film to get a real release since early spring. But without New York or Los Angeles movie theaters, its opening might be a financial disappointment and a health blunder — all because for some reason (potentially a contract-related one), the film isn’t going straight to VOD like many have this summer.

Fans will find out the fate of New Mutants for sure as Aug. 28 approaches.

Next, a horror/fantasy novel is getting a Hulu adaptation produced by Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

Deadline reports that Mexican Gothic — the Del Rey novel by Silvia Moreno-Garcia that’s potential poisonings and ghostly secrets helped it become a bestseller — is coming to the small screen thanks to Ripa and Consuelos’ Milojo Productions.

“We feel like we hit the literary jackpot, and cannot wait to bring Silvia’s gorgeous writing to life, together with Hulu,” Ripa said.

Released earlier this summer, the story is about socialite Noemí Taboada’s adventures in the Mexican mountains and the creepy family that awaits within them. “I am excited to see the novel come to life and to meet the talented, diverse crew and cast members that will take us on this journey,” Moreno-Garcia said.

No timeline has yet been set for the series.

Finally, Dave Bautista may not be done with the spy business. That’s because a sequel to the Guardians of the Galaxy star's summer straight-to-streaming Amazon Prime hit My Spy might be in the works.

This comes via Deadline, which says STX is looking to bring back director Peter Segal, Bautista, and his co-star Chloe Coleman. While nothing has been solidified yet, the numbers — which were calculated via mysterious streaming metrics rather than the box office due to the pandemic — seem to have justified the attempt since the movie dropped in June.

Look for a potential second film to give the odd couple spy duo even sillier antics to face as the “action star meets little kid” subgenre continues to give pigeonholed meatheads an outlet for goofball high-tech comedies. At least Bautista is funnier than Vin Diesel (sorry, The Pacifier).