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SYFY WIRE Star Trek: Discovery

Newest Star Trek: Discovery featurette previews Anson Mount’s revival of Captain Pike

By Elizabeth Rayne
Captain Pike in Star Trek: Discovery

After a season of having to put up with the depraved Captain Lorca before he was finally vaporized, the crew of the USS Enterprise is left unsure of whether they can trust another captain—until Pike gets on board.

Anson Mount (who you might remember as Black Bolt from Inhumans) is the latest actor to play the ever-changing Captain Pike, who first appeared on the original Star Trek pilot before it was sucked into a black hole. He recently left his captain’s chair for a moment to discuss some backstory and fast-forward into what he has brought to the character in Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery

“Being on Star Trek is—it’s not like getting another job. Sitting in the chair—the captain’s chair—it got a little emotional,” Mount admitted. “There’s a lot to fill in about the character’s storyline, so it’s an honor to play the role.”

There would have been no such thing as Kirk and his roguish smile if the pilot of Star Trek: TOS had gone boldly into a series with Jeffrey Hunter commanding as Pike.

After NBC turned it down and a new pilot was made, Hunter decided not to return, and neither did his captain. Kirk was born and Pike’s backstory took a tragic turn. Now played by Sean Kenney, the former captain had supposedly been paralyzed in a rescue mission and got around using a brainwave-powered wheelchair.

Pike was revived in the form of Bruce Greenwood for 2009’s Star Trek movie, at least until he got killed off in Star Trek: Into Darkness. Now that Mount has breathed life into the character again, he believes he has created a persona that the uncertain crew, still shaken by the mirror universe Lorca’s shenanigans, can trust.

“I think Pike enters knowing that’s the wall he’s up against…he is completely unafraid to admit he has no idea what the right decision is,” said Mount. “He utilizes his crew as much as commands them. I think that’s a really good quality in a leader.”

Star Trek: Discovery will take off again on January 17.

(via Slashfilm)