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SYFY WIRE New York Comic Con 2019

NYCC: Doug Liman says he can see Impulse 'going for many more seasons' ahead of S2 premiere

By Josh Weiss
Impulse Season 2 poster

Teleportation aficionados got a sneak peek of Impulse Season 2 at New York Comic Con with a glimpse at the upcoming first episode.

Things got started with a helpful recap of Season 1 before the audience was treated to the first half of the Season 2 opener. Since the episode won't premiere on YouTube Premium for another 10 days, we won't spoil much beyond the fact that A) It makes great use of Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky" and B) It'll excite fans of Breaking Bad. We've probably said too much already...

Once the screening had concluded, members of the cast and crew showed up to talk about what else audiences can expect from the fresh batch of episodes. Among the group was executive producer/director Doug Liman, who helmed the 2008 Jumper movie and admitted that he wants to see the genre series continue for the foreseeable future.

"To come up with a show this original and this entertaining, is an extraordinary accomplishment ... I wanted to do Impulse because I felt like, with Jumper, I never quite did my version of a superhero film. And finally, [I realized] TV is where the most innovative things are happening now," he said. "For me, there's ideas that we haven't touched yet and I'm so excited to go there ... I can see this going many more seasons if we get the chance to."

"Yeah, I would love the opportunity to," chimed in executive producer/writer Lauren LeFranc. "I really am so deeply in love with all of our characters and you weirdly get to know them, obviously, as you're writing them. They weirdly become a part of you. The stories that we're trying to tell, we're talking sexual assault, we're talking about trauma, and you're trying to do it in a very honest, organic way. But when you think genre, which is the most [inventive] fun way to do it, I think it's been a gift from my perspective to get to do two seasons of the show, and I would love to do more."

As for Season 2, star Maddie Hasson said we can expect her character of Henry Coles to be dealing with "a lot of external stuff" in addition to the internal emotional scars left by Clay Boone's attempted rape. She's also gotta hone her telekinetic powers and ability to transport.

“I have not done this kind of insane drama [before] and we have a lot of drama this season, Maddie and I. Our relationship is very layered and complicated," added Missi Pyle who plays Henry's mother, Cleo.

"We worked really hard to make sure that we're not doing anything that a lot of other shows do in terms of superpowers, where someone just has a power and it comes out of nothing. For us, it's always important to base it on what the character's emotional state is," continued LeFranc. "And so, [Henry's] going to evolve those powers. We've already seen her evolve them in Season 1, but they're always coming from a place of emotion. She's always struggling with them ... She definitely starts to feel like a victim of her own body and she doesn't have a choice over her own body, which we're exploring, so she can seek to gain more agency over that. Everything then visual effects-wise and the way we shoot it is tailored for that, so that it doesn't feel like we're some super-magical show. Doug established how grounded the superpowers are on the show, and we are really passionate to keep to that."

"[I wanted to do] a really special take on a superhero, which is—at its core—that the superpower might actually be a curse," concluded Liman.

Based on the novel of the same name by Steven Gould, Season 2 of Impulse will teleport onto YouTube Premium Wednesday, Oct. 16.

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