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NYCC: Daleks take on Doctor Who's 'most underappreciated monsters' in new animated series

By James Comtois
Still of Dalek from BBC's Daleks!

E-Lu-Ci-Date! While we await the next Doctor Who holiday episode Revolution of the Daleks and the next season (which Jodie Whittaker has said will begin production before year end), fans will be getting an upcoming animated limited series in November featuring The Doctor's greatest enemy, The Daleks.

The limited series, entitled Daleks!, is part of Doctor Who: Time Lord VictoriousBBC's massive, multi-platform narrative that tells standalone-yet-interconnected tales across multiple media including novels, comics, audio dramas, toys, and even an escape room. 

As part of the New York Comic Con Metaverse 2020 on Saturday, James Goss, the BBC producer in charge of putting this gargantuan project together, provided some additional details about the upcoming animated limited series.

The overarching narrative of Time Lord Victorious concerns the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) having taken on Death itself and winning, which of course has terrible consequences for the universe. This leads to both his previous companions (Billie Piper returning as Rose Tyler), and his past incarnations (the Eighth and Ninth Doctors, played by Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston, respectively) to get involved and help save the universe. 

So, how does Daleks! fit into this supernarrative? According to Goss, who also wrote the show, this is where “the Daleks become aware of what’s wrong with time" and attempt "to solve that problem, which goes horribly wrong."

"So, the animation is basically about the Daleks making a terrible error and ending up on the run," Goss added. "So, you might actually for the first time end up rooting for the Daleks.”

The BBC producer also noted that Daleks! marks "the return of Doctor Who’s most underappreciated monsters, the Mechanoids," which Goss describes as "incredibly bitchy hexagons."

Goss explained that although they were "Doctor Who's least practical monster on television ... the Mechanoids were the Daleks great enemy" in a series of comic books from the 1960s during the height of Dalekmania

"And they were just a hoot," Goss said.

Created by Studio Liddle, Daleks! features the voice acting talents of Nicholas Briggs, Joe Sugg, Anjili Mohindra, and Ayesha Antoine.  

Daleks!, will consist of five ten-minute episodes that will play for free on the Doctor Who YouTube channel beginning Nov. 12.

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