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NYCC 2020: The gang has to fight a Dalek while The Doctor's stuck in space prison in holiday special

By James Comtois
Doctor Who

Although the cast of Doctor Who couldn't reveal much about the upcoming holiday special Revolution of the Daleks, they were able to give fans a taste of what to expect during the virtual Doctor Who Spotlight New York Comic Con panel.

During the panel, series stars Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, and Bradley Walsh explained that Revolution picks up where the Season 12 finale left off, with The Doctor stuck in a maximum security space prison, while her friends were back on Earth, completely unaware of the Time Lord's incarceration.

“The Doctor is away from the gang and ... has no idea what’s going on on Earth,” said Whittaker, who plays the 13th Doctor. 

Meanwhile, what’s happening on Earth is that her friends Yaz, Ryan (Tosin Cole), and Graham have no idea if they’re ever going to see The Doctor again or if their travels with her have come to an end. What makes matters worse, they come across a plot with a Dalek (one of The Doctor’s oldest and deadliest enemies) and have to fight it without The Doctor’s help.

“How are we going to fight a Dalek without The Doctor?” teased Gill, who plays Yaz. 

“Talk about being thrown in the deep end,” added Walsh, who plays Graham. 

During the panel, two production photos were unveiled: one of The Doctor marking her time in prison along the walls of her cell (which of course begs the question: what does a life sentence mean for a nigh-immortal being?), and the other of the gang back on Earth sitting around a table, presumably wondering how they’re going to move forward with or without The Doctor. 

Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks
Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill, and Tosin Cole in Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks

The cast was also asked if production still is on track to begin before the end of the year, and they were optimistic. 

“We’re certainly in prep,” said Whittaker, adding that they “hope to be filming before close of 2020.” 

And as for what people should expect for the upcoming season, Walsh said the production will be “of Titanic proportions,” and declined to comment further. 

Revolution of the Daleks airs this holiday season, although it’s still not clear whether that means Christmas, New Year’s, or sometime in between.

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