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SYFY WIRE Objects in Space

Objects in Space 3/20/19: Not doing nothing again

By Carly Lane
Game of Thrones Season 8 Jon and Daenerys

Sometimes you're under the impression it's going to be a slow week, and then ALL THE TRAILERS COME OUT. Based on everything that's been released so far, are there any movies in particular you're most looking forward to checking out?

- Captain Marvel’s Gemma Chan wants to end whitewashing in Hollywood and in history books. (Allure)
- The best relationships on Game of Thrones don’t involve sex. (TV Guide)
- How to be human: Life lessons from 4 cinematic cats. (The A/V Club)
- J.K. Rowling's long history of discussing — but not depicting — Dumbledore's sexuality. (EW)

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