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Our brains are gone! Let's explore Spock's Brain from Star Trek [Warp Factor 3.1]

By Brian Silliman

Brain, brain, what is brain? We don't really know, because someone must have taken ours out. It's the only explanation for diving deep (or as deep as you get) into the Star Trek original series episode, "Spock's Brain."

It's a notorious entry in the franchise, and famous for being silly, for testing the limits of how much camp can be included in a Trek installment (row, row, row your marshmellons), and for having characters say the title of the episode every other line.

Seriously, it is constant. Also constant is the general weirdness, including everything to do with the society on Sigma Draconis VI, everything to do with "The Teacher," and the "hey, wasn't that fun?" way the episode ends.

It's a special one, that's for sure. Welcome back to Warp Factor, where we apparently lost a bet and are trying to find the brain within "Spock's Brain." Watch below!