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Passionate and opposing forces: Frank Miller on the Superman vs. Batman conflict

By Mike Avila

In the comic book realm, Superman and Batman remain the gold standard of superhero icons. At various times throughout their history, the heroes have been the closest of allies and friends, while other stories put them at each others' throats. Legendary writer and artist Frank Miller depicted the most famous Batman vs. Superman clash in The Dark Knight Returns. Recently, Miller had a chance to revisit that conflict in Superman: Year One alongside John Romita Jr., an iconic artist in his own right.

Miller praised Romita's artistic choices for during Batman and Superman's latest face-off, which made the twin icons seem very evenly matched.

"It was a perfect way to show, and John captured it perfectly, but with the way he laid it out, this showed Superman and Batman as being these very passionate and opposing forces," said Miller. "Even though both are after the common good and after a better world, they have such different ways of looking things that they approach it very, very differently."

Miller also stressed the importance of Wonder Woman among DC's trinity of heroes.

"She steps in as the voice of reason," noted Miller. "She is the wiser of all of them. She's from this old civilization, and she herself is, by our definition, ancient. She is the voice of calm. It is a powerful feminine voice that completes this powerful triangle of authority that [the] DC universe owns."

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