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James Gunn drops Peacemaker’s 9-minute gag reel, and the bloopers are even funnier than the show

James Gunn’s Season 1 fan gift is 10 solid minutes of NSFW hilarity.

By Benjamin Bullard
Peacemaker 104 PRESS

The Suicide Squad’s most muscled-up anti-hero put on a rambling, raunchy good show in the just-concluded debut outing of Peacemaker at HBO Max. Now that Season 1 is done (and with orders already placed for more new episodes), creator James Gunn has a parting gift for viewers: a huge 9-minute gag reel that’s every bit as funny as the main event itself.

A big part of Peacemaker’s appeal is the way the ensemble cast clicked, with just about every ridiculous scene giving off strong vibes that this show must have been an absolute blast to make. The gag reel pretty much confirms any suspicion viewers already had about that: John Cena and crew were obviously having just as much fun behind the scenes as they made it all look onscreen.

Check it out — but with a big heads up for NSFW content. This gag reel is as rude, crude, and potty-mouthed as the M-rated series itself:

Yep, it definitely looks like everyone bonded over bumbling up their lines, and Cena’s own comedy ad-libs are delivered so in-character that it’s hard to tell what he’s reciting from the script and what he’s making up on the spot. Pretty much everyone walks the hilarious halls of shame in the reel’s epic mash-up of outtakes, including a nasty real-life bump on the head for Jennifer Holland (as Emilia Harcourt) that she shrugs off like a pro — even though it looked painful enough to cause real tears.

Speaking of tears, though, it’s Cena’s ongoing giggle breakdown in the captivity scene with Judomaster (Nhut Le) that probably steals the clip, piling even more comedy on top of the tense-but-silly hostage crisis in the Butterfly senator’s house that unfolded in Episode 3. Peacemaker’s hands are tied for the scene, Cena’s laughing so hard that he’s crying, and there’s nothing he can do to wipe his eyes because well…his hands are tied. Le’s no help either, of course, because he's tied to a chair, too — which just makes Cena’s savage, improvised R-rated insults that much funnier.

Season 1 left off with a big battle against the alien Butterflies and a surprise cameo from the big-ticket DC heroes of the Justice League. It even closed the circle on a running in-show gag, with Aquaman (Jason Momoa) finally coming face to face with the Suicide Squad member who thinks his whole fish-whisperer thing is a joke. HBO Max hasn’t revealed when Season 2 will get  underway, but the complete first season is more than enough to keep us rockin' for now.

Give peace a chance and catch all eight episodes of Season 1 of Peacemaker, streaming now at HBO Max.