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Pedro Pascal tells Seth Meyers how 'The Last of Us' inspired that 'SNL' voice

One of Pedro Pascal's funniest SNL moments came straight from the set of The Last of Us.

By Matthew Jackson
Pedro Pascal on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Saturday Night Live has always been a showcase for celebrities from across pop culture to deliver moments we wouldn't normally expect from them. Over the years we've seen everyone from Oscar-winning actors to legendary athletes to music superstars transform in ways we never imagined, and one of the great joys of the show is finding out what particular talents each individual host will get to show off. In Pedro Pascal's case, that meant a lot of things, including breaking out a hilarious voice that apparently came straight from the set of The Last of Us.

Pascal was on Late Night with Seth Meyers this week to promote the hit HBO survival horror series, but because Meyers is an SNL veteran himself, he also wanted to talk about the actor's recent hosting gig on the NBC comedy series. While the most popular sketch from Pascal's episode among genre fans might have been the Last of Us-style parody of Super Mario Bros., the internet's overall favorite from the episode might have been "Waking Up," in which Pascal played a hospital patient who'd just woken up from a coma with a completely different personality, and a completely different voice.

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Because he's still friends with the SNL crew, Meyers asked the show's writers about the sketch. He learned that the voice Pascal used in the sketch, described by Kenan Thompson as an "LA mush mouth thing," was the actor's own invention. 

Check it out:

"We would talk like that on the set of The Last of Us," Pascal said, noting that the silly voice helped when dealing with the show, where characters die off basically every week. 

So, when it came time to pitch the SNL writers on any ideas he had, Pascal brought up the voice from The Last of Us set, and to his surprise the writers ran with it.

"How dare they actually use your ideas," Pascal said with a laugh. 

Plus, as Pascal noted, the voice is very contagious, which means that now whenever we watch The Last of Us, we'll be imagining Joel and Ellie talking like that while trying to make their way through a cordyceps-infested world. 

Stream Pascal's Late Night appearance and his SNL episode on Peacock now.