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Star Trek's Patrick Stewart is back in first trailer for Picard

By Jacob Oller
Picard face CBS star trek patrick steweart trailer

Star Trek's new CBS All Access home has provided fans with plenty to love already thanks to Star Trek: Discovery, but now that a trailer has dropped for Picard, which brings back one of the show's most famous and beloved captains, fans are setting their phasers to "hyped."

Patrick Stewart is back as Starfleet Captain (sorry, ex-Starfleet Captain/Admiral) Jean-Luc Picard, years after retiring and becoming a sci-fi civilian. And now fans can get a look at what the flute-tooting leader's been up to since helming the Enterprise.

Take a look:

A winery? A rescue? An admiral? Picard, which allegedly takes place about three decades after Star Trek: Nemesis, has a much different Picard as its hero.

A "radically altered" Picard, according to producer Alex Kurtzman. That could happen to anyone whose hopes for peace with the Romulans was undone via supernova. In the footage above, he looks to be retired, living the simple life. But something is pulling him back into the fold to find out why he left in the first place.

Santiago Cabrera, Evan Evagora, and Michelle Hurd join Stewart during the series as cast regulars when Picard hits CBS All Access later in 2019. What are you most excited to see from the return of Jean-Luc?