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SYFY WIRE Wizarding World

Pottermore, Warner Bros. team-up for Wizarding World Digital

By Donnie Lederer
Harry Potter

Fandom and the internet go hand in hand these days. When you want to talk (and argue) about your favorite things, you get out your phone more often than you schedule a meeting at a coffee shop. Fans of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises will have an easier time going forward, thanks to the recent announcement from Pottermore and Warner Brothers.

In a report by The Bookseller, Pottermore chairman Neil Blair has been working for quite a while to bring the online presence of the books and the films together. With Warner Brothers owning the film rights to the franchise, Pottermore had restrictions as to what materials could be placed on the site. That's no longer the case. "This venture will widen and deepen what we have been able to do on Pottermore so far," Blair said, "There's no reason now why we won't be able to do something because there's a rights issue. The only limits will be our imaginations and what technology is available."

While a new team will be established to oversee the new site, it will include the entire Pottermore team, meaning no jobs will be lost. That is always a plus.

The venture will be called Wizarding World Digital. In a statement on the site's front page (at states "We are very pleased to announce that fans of Wizarding World will soon be able to get closer to Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts than ever before." While the site light of specifics, they did guarantee that "Magical things are coming your way..."

If you’ve ever been to Universal Studios in either Florida or California, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is one of its most immersive experiences. While we don’t think this new site will act as a flume to Universal Studios, we have faith that the dedication to giving fans something to latch onto will make this new collaboration something to check out.