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'SurrealEstate' returns as Tim Rozon celebrates Season 2 production start in set video

The Roman Agency is back for another year of unsellable houses.

By Matthew Jackson
SURREALESTATE For Sale By Owner Episode 103

It's now been more than a year since we've seen new episodes of SYFY's SurrealEstate, the horror-comedy series about a real estate agency that takes on the houses no one else wants to attempt to sell, but the wait is almost over. Months after a second season was confirmed, filming on new episodes is officially underway, and the show's stars are celebrating with a video from the set.

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SurrealEstate leads Tim Rozon (Luke Roman) and Savannah Basley (Zooey L'Enfant) dropped a short video from the set of Season 2 on Tuesday, confirming that they're officially back at work on the show and promising that "we can't wait for you to see what we're up to." The announcement marks the first major news on the series since May, when SYFY confirmed that Season 2 would arrive sometime in 2023. You can check out the video below.

Check it out:

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Created by George R. Olson and debuting on SYFY in the summer of 2021, SurrealEstate follows Luke and his crew of dedicated realtors/paranormal investigators as they take on the properties that no other real estate agency will dare touch, the haunted possessed dwellings that might otherwise never find a buyer because they're just too terrifying. Chances are, if you're ready to run screaming from the house, the Roman Agency is ready to run in and do something about it. The series quickly established itself last year with a blend of horror, comedy, and character work that shed light on exactly who Luke is and why he does this particular kind of work, and according to Olson, that focus will continue in Season 2.

"There's a real trope that networks always want just more action, more scares, more this, more that," Olson said when the show's renewal was announced earlier this year. "SYFY has, from the first day, said we want to feel the characters and we want to see what they're really like. They really challenged me and my wonderful writers to come up with those moments and those backstories and those quirks, and those irrational things that make people people, and bake them into the scares and the horror."

The first season of SurrealEstate is now streaming on Hulu and SYFY on-demand.