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SYFY WIRE Project Blue Book: The Official Podcast

Project Blue Book Podcast 2.2: Neal McDonough and Michael Harney talk 'The Roswell Incident - Part 2'

By Tara Bennett
Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 2

It's time to dig into the resolution of Project Blue Book's first ever two-part episode, "The Roswell Incident - Part 2." In last week's Season 2 premiere of HISTORY's Project Blue Book, Dr. Hynek (Aidan Gillen) and Captain Michael Quinn (Michael Malarkey) were left standing in the middle of downtown Roswell in the shadow of what looked like a crashed UFO. 

Astute viewers hopefully remembered that ship looked awfully familiar. In fact, it was seen covered up in Booker's (Zach McGowan) barn. That revelation really explodes in this continuation of the Roswell conspiracy cover-up as #HyneQuinn are on the case, trying to finally uncover the truth of the 1947 case that General Harding (Neal McDonough) helped bury. 

Project Blue Book Season 2 Episode 2

**SPOILER WARNING: There are spoilers for Project Blue Book's "The Roswell Incident Part 2" episode below!**

In this week's brand new Project Blue Book: The Official Podcast, SYFY WIRE senior producer and host Tara Bennett welcomes back into the studio executive producer/showrunner, Sean Jablonski, and those intimidating Air Force Generals, Neal McDonough (Harding) and Michael Harney (Valentine). 

In Season 1, the Generals tried to keep Hynek and Quinn on a tight leash as their superiors in the White House wanted them — via the Project Blue Book investigations — to quell Cold War concerns among the U.S. populace. In this episode, audiences get a far more personal look at how these investigations are also impacting Harding and Valentine. McDonough and Harney reveal their brotherhood behind the scenes; and Jablonski downloads a ton of details about alien autopsies, the mystery at the center of the episode, and his favorite sequences. 

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Stick with us all season long for a proverbial peek behind the curtain into the making of every single episode of Project Blue Book Season 2.

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