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Reflections on Star Wars: Resistance's first season after 'No Escape, Part 2'

By Swapna Krishna & Preeti Chhibber

In Star Wars: Resistance’s first season finale, “No Escape, Part 2,” Kaz and Team Fireball take on the First Order, trying to launch the Colossus into space and eject troopers from the base. Some familiar faces show up to help in the fight, and Tam makes a final decision about whose side she’s really on.

Swapna: TAM. TAM. TAM, WHY?

Tam, you’re breaking my heart. You’re going down a path I can’t followwwwwwwwwwww.

Preeti: I AM DISTRAUGHT. Again. And honestly, I realize that the group needs tension, and that there have to be ramifications for the secrecy and lies … but. I had such hopes for Tam!

Swapna: I agree! I actually like the turn of events when I step back from my emotions about the characters because it’s good storytelling and there needs to be someone we care about that represents the “other” side. But this is still heartbreaking. I was hoping that Tam would have an eleventh-hour change of heart.

Preeti: The finale could have truly gone either way, which is a testament to the storytelling and the animation. Until Tam made her decision, I really didn’t know which way she was going to go — Yeager is right there! But Tierney is holding out her hand! The drama!!


Swapna: The tension was really good in this episode. I was hooked every step of the way. Kaz (and his quick thinking) really got a chance to shine too — he saved the day more than once!

Preeti: He has really come into his own in these last few episodes. Not completely the accident-prone, awkward kid we met in the first episode any more (there are still hints, for sure) but the character has matured so wonderfully. The moment when Kaz and Torra find Yeager and Doza, and Kaz holds onto his blaster? Put that up against the Kaz who had to investigate the abandoned ship with Poe. He’s evolved, which is my favorite thing in a running serial: Growth!!

Swapna: Yes! But also the, “Don’t move ... okay, move, but only enough to hand over your blaster!” Kaz said to the First Order Stormtrooper shows that he’s still the goofy kid at heart, which I really loved. I think I love that message of Star Wars more generally —there’s room to grow from the whiny kid who whines about power converters into a hero. And in many ways, he’s still that whiny kid even when he’s a hero. We really see that with Kaz, he’s grown up so much as you said, but he’s still the same in the important ways.

Preeti: So true. Because at its core, Star Wars is for kids, and what a way to show kids that they can be themselves and still be the hero. I know we’re gushing about Kaz, but, he (again) seriously channeled Leia here! He’s just lost this entire world … but he still comes through and gets the group together to escape. Oh! And the sequence where he saves Yeager, what excellent and thoughtful piloting.

Swapna: I loved it so much!

And also, Kaz’s faith in people, and his actions on behalf of others, paid off. Without Hype Fazon and Synara’s pirate ship showing up, it’s unlikely the Colossus would have made a successful escape.

Preeti: Yes! It’s about that found family — and Aunt Z! When Neeku mentions the transmission from her, I threw my arms up and fist pumped like I was at an actual sporting event.


Swapna: Here’s a small, but significant, thing I loved. When Torra and Kaz rescued Yeager and Captain Doza, Doza didn’t scold Torra for coming to save him! The more we see of that father-daughter dynamic, the more I like it. It stays away from the oh-so-tiring protection trope. Torra is a capable young woman, and Doza recognizes that.

Preeti: I can only hope we get even more from Torra, I really love everything about the character. And you’re so right, the relationship with Doza (especially now that they’ve clearly chosen the side of the Resistance) is so refreshing.

I did want to spend a moment on Neeku, who has also become a stronger character in the latter half of this season. His plan of attack to flush out the stormtroopers in the first part of the episode was downright ruthless.

Swapna: Yes! He was largely the clueless sidekick, comedic relief for the first half of the season. But he’s really capable, and I’m glad we’re seeing more and more of that.

Preeti: The twist in the last few minutes of the episode has me dying. How am I going to wait so long to find out where the Colossus ends up???

Swapna: Yes! I was so curious to see what would happen when the Colossus showed up at the coordinates Leia sent: Would the Resistance be there? But now, it looks like they have no idea where they’ll be. And we have to wait until season 2 to find out, which presumably won’t air until November of 2019.

Preeti: That’s so far.

I did get chills, though, at that last sequence, when they pull out and we see the crew with Kaz and Yeager at the forefront, looking out into the lightspeed track, without any clue of where they’ll end up.

Swapna … what if they run into Ahsoka and Sabine (MY SECRET HOPE)?

Swapna: Oh my god, did you see Dave Filoni’s tweet the other day? WAS IT A HINT?

Preeti: I NEED IT!!!!!


But back to Resistance. The first season had its ups and downs, certainly, but I think it ended very strong. We spent the first half of the season wondering who the show was for and being uncertain of whether it was even really necessary. My questions now are very different, but much more positive. Resistance has come into its own over the last five episodes or so.

Preeti: I saw a Tumblr post once that went through the reactions of a fan watching a Star Wars animated project, and it was something like ...

Season one: Okay, is this for kids? What is this?

Season two: You know what, this is kind of good …

Season three: What are they doing to my heart?

Season four: I would die for every single character.

And Resistance seems to be on its way to giving us this, if these past few episodes are any indication. We started out unsure of the tone, and how goofy these characters were, and now I believe they are Resistance fighters, and I can’t wait to see where they end up.

Swapna: That is incredibly accurate. And I’m really excited that Resistance is following this model.

It’s been a lot of fun recapping this show for all of you, and you can bet we’ll be back when the second season airs.