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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

Watch: 'Resident Alien' crew teases higher stakes, mayhem & 'a lot of pie' ahead of Season 2 return

"There's a little more action, there's a little more stakes."

By Josh Weiss
Resident Alien

Are you jazzed about the return of SYFY's Resident Alien this week? What kind of question is that? Of course you are!! Ahead of Episode 9 (keeping with the overall alien theme, it's entitled "Autopsy"), the network released an extended sneak peek featurette, in which the show's cast and crew tease out what fans can expect in the latter half of Season 2.

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"There's a little bit more action, there's a little more stakes," promises creator, showrunner, and executive producer, Chris Sheridan.

Linda Hamilton, who returns to play the conniving and UFO-obsessed General McCallister, puts it even more eloquently: "All hell breaks loose."

Despite all the mayhem going down in the once-sleepy town of Patience, Colorado, Alan Tudyk (Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle) looks on the bright side of things. "I eat a lot of pie this season, which is great," he says before quickly adding, "not for my costumer..."

In addition to a rogue alien baby and a hard-nosed detective (Nicola Correia-Damude) from the neighboring town of Jessup, our heroes must also contend with the return of Terry O'Quinn's Peter Bach, aka the Alien Tracker, who is summoned to Colorado by Deputy Liv (Elizabeth Bowen). "It's kind of wonderful," O'Quinn says of the hit television series, which was recently renewed for a third season. "It's quite touching sometimes and it's just funny."

Watch now:

Resident Alien Season 2B: What to Expect

Audiences got a first look at the opening minutes of Season 2b at San Diego Comic-Con several weeks ago (you can watch the clip here). The second half of the season picks up right where we left off — with Asta (Sara Tomko) shooting a member of the shady Galvan/Powell Group. She, D'Arcy (Alice Wetterlund), and a wounded Harry subsequently hide the body from Sheriff Mike Thompson (Corey Reynolds).

According to director and executive producer, Robert Duncan McNeill, the fleeting nature of human experience plays a big part in the story moving forward. "We go through a couple of episodes here where we're dealing with people's feelings about mortality, about life, about death, about having someone's life in your hands," he states in the video above.

And while Harry has given up his plan to kill everyone on Earth, he recently learned that another alien species is here and planning to wipe us all out. To learn more about this planetary threat, he needs to recapture the aforementioned alien baby, which holds key information in its very DNA.

"The second half of Season 2 is different than the first half in a couple ways. Building to the end of this season, we ramped a lot of the character stories," Sheridan added.

Resident Alien Season 2 returns on Wednesday, Aug. 10 at 10 p.m. ET. New episodes will be available to stream on the SYFY app and Peacock the day after they air. The complete first season, as well as episodes 1-8 of Season 2, are now streaming on both platforms.