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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

Recap: As Resident Alien gets a new doctor in Episode 6, does the perfect specimen fit in with the quirky town?

By Seth Garben

Patience, Colorado, was already cranked up to 10 on the eccentricity meter by the time an alien showed up to nudge it past 11 and break the needle. Sure, some of the quirkiness could be attributed to the altitude, but it’s more accurate to say this place is just special.

Resident Alien Episode 6, "Sexy Beast," could change the whole dynamic.

Patience now has a new town physician who’s a walking, talking Google search for “perfectly handsome doctor genius," and his presence raises some serious questions. Like, how long will the doc be able to last here? Will Patience be the same with this added element? Does Harry’s growing emotional repertoire now include jealousy?

Let’s find out.

**SPOILER WARNING! Spoilers ahead for Resident Alien Season 1, Episode 6, “Sexy Beast.”** 

Ever since he survived the crash landing, Harry (Alan Tudyk) has been on one heck of a lucky streak: the plum job, the (sometimes) adoring women, the Pottery Barn-looking digs. This good fortune gets tested, though, when Mayor Ben (Levi Fiehler) introduces Dr. Ethan Rose (Michael Cassidy), Harry’s replacement.

Ethan’s an accomplished (read: real) physician. He rowed Olympic crew, speaks French, and sports GQ-worthy good looks, all of which stand in stark contrast to Harry’s personal brand (read: genocidal, cow-teet-slurping, socially awkward turducken). Harry starts to develop something of an inferiority complex, even admitting to himself that Rose’s “smile makes me want to love him and strangle him.” 

It’s not just Harry, though. Everybody in Patience seems just a little odd next to Dr. Adonis. 

Sheriff Thompson (Corey Reynolds) certainly does, particularly in this episode. Not only do we learn of his issues with espresso machines (“A whole cup of coffee in that tiny little pod? That sh*t there’s got to be the devil’s work”), but we also see his machismo manifesting in all kinds of bizarre, hardly intimidating ways.

When he and Deputy Baker (Elizabeth Bowen) follow the missing prescription pads all the way to Patience High School, Thompson takes their lead suspect, a teen, into a classroom to interrogate him. He tries to lay his best bad-cop routine on the steely witness, but eventually throws a tantrum and ends up soliciting Tinder dating advice instead.

The Sheriff and Deputy Baker Play Good Cop, Bad Cop | Episode 106 Top Moment

We also get a deeper look into Deputy Baker's idiosyncrasies. She’s set up her own adjunct office in the police depot closet where she’s assembled her own “murder board”; every time she connects more dots in Sam’s murder, she whips out the dance moves. Considering every one of Baker’s theories has proven correct thus far — including her most recent that Sam was "murdered" by self-injecting botulinum toxin he'd thought was insulin — we say, dance, dance, dance the night away, Baker.    

Then there’s D’arcy (Alice Wetterlund), bartender at The 59 bar, Patience’s goofball watering hole. D’arcy finds herself in a couple of awkward situations, including a love triangle with Harry and Isabelle (Elvy Yost), then another one with Harry and Ethan. She even encourages the latter two to arm wrestle for her heart, but soon regrets it after Harry, in a show of dominance, dislocates Ethan’s shoulder.

Harry's Ship Is Discovered | Episode 106 Top Moment

Perhaps out of pity, D’arcy ends up spending the night at Ethan’s, but leaves early the next morning after he tells her, “I think you’re kind of awesome.” That kind of frank sincerity and potential emotional connection is so foreign to D’arcy that she leaves. We’re left with the feeling that where Harry has succeeded in integrating into Patience, Ethan isn’t going to have such an easy time of it.

That’s probably because, as Asta says, Harry’s “such a huge weirdo” with a “talent for unleashing chaos" in people's lives. He fits in here, and people are “better having known” him.

It’s still uncertain whether Patience will be better off for having known Ethan. A lot of it will probably have to do with how the doctor handles the inevitable confrontation with the Pentagon agents who’ve been trailing Harry this whole time. They’ve already found Harry’s ship, and they’re coming for Patience next.

Government Agents Find Harry's Ship | Episode 6 In 60 Seconds

New episodes of Resident Alien premiere on Wednesdays on SYFY at 10 p.m. ET.