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Recap: Harry (kinda) commits cannibalism & goes on an acid trip in NYC in 'Resident Alien' Season 2, Ep. 6

So now we know why the original Harry killed Dr. Hodges, as well as how. But who told him to do it?

By Caitlin Busch
Resident Alien Recap: Season 2, Episode 6 – ‘An Alien in New York’

Once upon a time, on a cold night six months ago, the original Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle (Alan Tudyk) was visited by Dr. Sam Hodges (Jan Bos). They were being blackmailed and their families threatened because they'd taken donations from mysterious, supposedly evil people — and it had come back to bite them in the behinds. Harry promised to help but instead made a call to someone who told him to kill his colleague.

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So now we know why the original Harry killed Dr. Hodges, as well as how. Who told him to do it? Still a mystery, but we can't focus too much on that right now. We've got a flight to catch.

**SPOILER WARNING: This recap contains spoilers for Resident Alien Season 2, Episode 6, "An Alien in New York."**

First, we join up with Sheriff Mike (Corey Reynolds) and Mayor Ben (Levi Fiehler) while the former mocks the good mayor for the amazingly dark play we saw in last week's episode. The local paper gave it a scathing review, but the sheriff is actually more interested in the news that neighboring town Jessup is vying for a 5-star resort to build there. Why shouldn't the resort call Patience home instead? 

At the cabin, Harry's prepping to go meet this New York alien and hanging out with the dog he dognapped from Sahar (Gracelyn Awad Rinke). Asta (Sara Tomko) bought their plane tickets and maxed out her credit card, so she's a little strapped for cash. But no fear! Harry has a literal "money bag" filled with stacks of not-at-all-shady cash. Asta explains that bags of money generally point to bad things and unearths Dr. Hodges' medical records as well as a note from him to Harry providing "more evidence against Galvan/Powell," a large banking group. Asta's understandably freaked out. Seems we've got another mystery afoot, gang!

Deputy Liv (Elizabeth Bowen) is still on her alien kick. For what it's worth, we all know she's right even if no one else, including Mike, believes her.


Over at The 59, D'Arcy (Alice Wetterlund) gives us a wonderful karaoke rendition of Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now" just as Mayor Ben walks in and asks to borrow an ATV so he can take pictures to promote Patience for the resort. D'Arcy offers to take him, but Ben is hesitant because 1) he doesn't want anyone to know about the resort opportunity yet and 2) last time they were alone together, they kissed. However, he's got no choice because D'Arcy's the only one insured to drive. Sorry, Ben.

Sahar arrives at Harry's cabin to let him know she and Max (Judah Prehn) lost his sphere because someone, "probably the government," stole it from them. She still wants the dog back, but the dog's less concerned with getting back to his owner and more interested in using Harry's octopus cousin, No. 49 (voiced by Nathan Fillion), as a chew toy. No. 49 dies as a result, but not before he and Harry share a touching moment and the octopus requests to be eaten by Harry after death.

Harry Says Goodbye to (and Eats) Nathan Fillion’s Octopus, No. 42

Harry acquiesces to No. 49's request and the next day, we're off to New York City. Asta loves it. Harry, predictably, hates it; too many people, too much noise, and way, way too many smells. They make it to the pizza place where the alien signal came from, but the only thing they find is pizza. After Harry consumes way too much pizza, our dynamic duo exits the shop and stumbles on some street art that incorporates Harry's alien language. It's signed "Goliath."

In the exact opposite location from NYC — up a mountain in Colorado — Ben and D'Arcy take pictures, make a difficult climb, and get deep. Ben feels he can't be himself around Kate (Meredith Garretson) despite their latest sexual adventures. D'Arcy apologizes for kissing him, and we get the impression that things have finally been settled between these old friends.

With a little research, Asta discovers that Goliath is kinda like this world's Banksy: He's reclusive, world-famous, and his art appears seemingly out of nowhere. In order to track him down, Harry has to see all of Goliath's works and interpret any kind of message. On an art walk they go!

Back in Patience, Liv is digging into her alien theory against the sheriff's wishes. She's interviewing people who have seen UFOs, and just as Mike starts berating her for going against orders, a prisoner who's being escorted in gets violent. Liv jumps forward to help, but Mike pushes her aside and snaps at her. He's clearly scared that his new partner might suffer the same fate as his friend Jesse.

Before they start searching for Goliath's work in earnest, Asta wants to look into this Galvan/Powell Group connection. She goes in by herself in case someone recognizes Harry's face, which Harry's alright with because there's a pie shop right next door. While sitting alone, he contemplates how Goliath might help him, but is interrupted by — surprise! — someone who recognizes him. Security at the bank was tight and when Asta walks into the shop, we discover this gentleman is not a fan; the real Harry promised he'd leave New York and that he'd destroy some medical records, presumably the ones Sam gave Harry. A brief interaction ends with the man threatening Harry and storming out.

Harry seems generally unworried, though. With a map of Manhattan in hand, he begins marking out the locations of Goliath's murals only to discover that their locations correspond with stars. Harry knows where to find Goliath.

This leads them to a bumpin' night club/art show where they run into the host, Violinda. She tells them the only thing they need to know about Goliath is in his art, and walks away.

Sheriff Mike meets Deputy Liv in the park and presumes she's angry about him snapping earlier. Knowing he tends to run away from tough conversations, Liv handcuffs him to a bench and asks for the truth. What's going on with him?

Earlier in the episode, at the Hawthorne household, D'Arcy helped Ben hang some of his own decorations (a "Live, Laugh, Love" sign...) to make it more his own. To celebrate, she then went looking for the weed she stashed in Ben's closet (now Max's closet) back in the day. Now, they're smoking it and Ben reveals that he tracks Kate's ovulation so she won't get pregnant. "One kid is plenty." They get deep and it's not long before D'Arcy falls asleep and Ben tucks her in.

To track down Goliath, Harry uses his "people's distress call," which proves not as "inconceivable to human ears" as he thinks. But it turns up nothing. Looking at his art, Asta finds that Goliath's been on Earth for at least 10 years — and he might be having a hard time. Harry was hoping Goliath would still be in his alien form, untainted by humanity, but that seems less and less the case.

Asta and Harry split up, which results in Harry being offered LSD by a man with fancy facial hair. He takes it, and Harry on hallucinogens goes about as well as expected.

But before that show, we rejoin Mike and Liv. Mike gives in and tells her about his old partner getting shot and killed in the line of duty, and he apologizes for acting so odd lately due to his grief. After a moment, he starts reflecting on when he first met Jesse when they were kids; from the moment they met, they were best friends — brothers, even. Mike still blames himself for Jesse's death, and he tells Liv he can't loose her too. Liv vows nothing will happen to her, and she won't let anything happen to him, either. They're friends, and partners.

Sheriff Mike Tells Deputy Liv the Truth About His Past

Now, we return to Harry. It takes a while for the acid to hit, but when it does, it hits him hard; he begins phasing and violently hallucinating to the point where, panicked, he runs from the venue. Asta is initially unaware of Harry's freakout. She's speaking with Violinda, who reveals she had a special connection with Goliath. And better yet? She knows Harry's an alien.

A brief look back to the pizza shop from earlier and we see that Agent Lisa Casper (Mandell Maughan) is there. Not far off, we see Harry, tripping balls and fully losing his mind — and his human form — in Times Square. Will anyone freak out over an alien wandering around NYC? How will Asta find him? And what's up with Goliath and Violinda? Find out when a new episode of Resident Alien premieres next Wednesday on SYFY at 9/8c.