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Recap: Harry & Asta 'Escape From New York' with a surprise alien guest in 'Resident Alien' Season 2, Ep. 7

What came first, the alien or the half-alien egg?

By Caitlin Busch
Resident Alien Recap: Season 2, Episode 7 – 'Escape From New York'

When the alien artist Goliath arrived on Earth in 1989, he gave a ranger at the Tapajós National Forest in Brazil quite a fright. Actually, he killed him (accidentally!), and took up the ranger's paintbrush — and seemingly never put it down again.

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**SPOILER ALERT: This recap contains spoilers for Resident Alien Season 2, Episode 7, "Escape From New York."**

Skip forward to 2022, and Harry's (Alan Tudyk) having one hell of a bad acid trip. As he panics his way through Manhattan, Asta (Sara Tomko) learns what became of Goliath from Violinda (Maxim Roy), with whom Goliath had an incredibly close relationship. Much like Harry, Goliath struggled with being an alien among humans and wished to connect with his people again. So he sent out his signal and waited as long as he could.

Six months ago, though, he died, and his form fossilized into an enormous alien statue.

Asta's devastated to learn that this chance to communicate with Harry's people and stop them from destroying the planet is gone — which is, of course, right when she gets a call from Harry, who can't control his shift. Meaning he's wandering around in his alien form. Luckily, she finds him and helps to stabilize his human form. After this experience, though, Harry's in his feelings; he wants to meet someone like him so he feels at home. Asta has to break the news of Goliath's death to Harry, and Harry takes this as another reason why he can't allow himself to become more human.

Meanwhile, Agent Lisa Casper (Mandell Maughan) is hot on their trail.

Goliath Is Dead — What Will Harry Do Now?

Back in Patience, D'Arcy (Alice Wetterlund) wakes up in the Hawthorne household and has to sneak out the window so Kate (Meredith Garretson) doesn't find out she spent the night. And even though nothing happened between them, Ben (Levi Fiehler) is being jumpy and immediately backslides on all his personal progress from the previous night.

So instead of standing up to his wife, he takes his "Live, Laugh, Love" sign into the office and hangs it there. Deputy Liv (Elizabeth Bowen) tells him she wants to post the video she took of what she believes is an alien spaceship, and Ben, still concerned about Patience's image, is against it until she agrees to post about the ship being "near Jessup." This is when Sheriff Mike (Corey Reynolds) walks in and tells Ben he needs to fire the new doctor — she's senile and making significant mistakes.

In New York, Harry is maudlin over Goliath's death while Asta's more worried about the fate of the world. However, when Asta reveals she saw Goliath's body (and that it was standing up), Harry seems to think it's a message for him. As they run off, we see they're being followed by two mysterious men.

D'Arcy hits up the gym and works up a sweat, only to trigger flashbacks to her career-ending injury. She finds Kate and they begin working out together and bonding.

Resident Alien 207 PRE-AIR

Meanwhile, Mike and Liv respond to a call because Abigail Hodges (Deborah Finkel) is setting up a yard sale and a neighbor is concerned she's selling her dead husband's stuff when she's accused of killing him. Mike tells him to buzz off and then finds some mystery novels among Abigail's collection. Her obvious grief over her husband's death further convinces Mike and Liv of her innocence.

Harry barges into Violinda's home and demands to see Goliath's body. Knowing how much he needs this, Asta leads him to the statue against Violinda's wishes, and when Harry smashes the body up to find a clue, he finds an egg instead. Violinda reveals that Goliath used her genetic tissue to get pregnant and make a child. This is, of course, when Agent Casper shows up, and Asta recognizes her from Liv's police composite sketch.

After the gym, Kate and D'Arcy head to The 59 for a celebratory beer. Kate takes a sip and thinks it tastes like soap, and she says that the last time beer tasted like that, she was pregnant with Max. She doesn't know how she feels about it, but thinks Ben would be "thrilled." Only D'Arcy knows different because Ben told her he doesn't want any more kids. Awkward...

Just down the street, Ben is receiving his checkup results from Dr. Smallwood (Eleanor Walker) and begins to understand why others in town have issues with the good doctor. He fires her — in a roundabout way and with Nurse Ellen's (Diana Bang) help — and suddenly Patience finds itself in need of a doctor again. Ellen tells him Harry's the only real option ‘round these parts, and Ben begins scheming on how he can convince Harry to be the town doc again.

Casper questions Violinda and grows suspicious when the egg starts dripping goo out of the bag Violinda's hiding it in. Casper shoots Violinda and gets her hands on the egg, only for Harry to grab her and throw her through a window. Now scared, Violinda gives Harry the egg because she knows Goliath would have wanted another alien to "guide and protect" their baby. Asta and Harry leave and are chased down by two Galvan/Powell Group cronies (the guys following them earlier), but Casper catches up and kills the baddies just in time to see Harry and Asta climb safely into a cab with the egg in hand.

Our fearless heroes aren't the only ones with a baby on board, though. Back at The 59, D'Arcy provides Kate with a pregnancy test and encourages her to take it whenever she feels ready. Harry's also got some baby stuff to wrap his head around. He and Asta are taking a two-day train ride back to Patience and Harry's unsure what to expect from the half-human, half-alien egg: When will it hatch? What will it look like? How will he take care of it? All he does know is that Goliath wanted him to have the egg, and this baby will be more like Harry than any other creature on Earth — equally human and alien.

At the diner, Dan (Gary Farmer) asks Mike what's on his mind. Mike, now more open and honest with himself than we've ever seen, admits he's unsure what to do. He's afraid he put the wrong person (Abigail) behind bars for Dr. Hodges' death and the last time he made a huge mistake, his old partner Jesse died. Dan reveals his own struggles after fighting in Vietnam and tells Mike that he can find a way forward by honoring his friend and putting the right person in prison.

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Liv's husband John (Trevor Carroll) comforts Liv about people online not believing her UFO video is real just as she gets a message from Mike.

Casper finds Harry on the train after Asta's gone to get tea and the two of them fight over the egg. Casper's skill turns out to be no match for Harry's strength, and just as she realizes he's the alien, she's hit by an oncoming train and killed. Asta returns to find Harry pretending to act natural only to see the blood on his face. He tells Asta he killed the "bad woman." So problem solved, right?

Mike & Liv Find a New Lead & Harry Returns Home With the Egg

Not really, but Mike and Liv are onto something. Using the mystery novels Dr. Hodges loved so much, Mike determines that maybe the doctor hid clues about his death in picture frames just like the detective in the books. And, voila, they find a clue! It's a piece of paper listing names from the Galvan/Powell Group Hodges and the real Dr. Vanderspiegle were involved with.

Finally back in Patience, Asta fills Dan in on the whole "alien baby in an egg" situation, and just as they walk in the door to Harry's cabin, they're surprised by a birthday party for Harry. How are they going to hide the egg now? When is it going to hatch? Find out next week in the mid-season finale of Resident Alien Season 2.