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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

Recap: Alien-baby-induced chaos and the real Harry's violent past haunt 'Resident Alien' Season 2, Ep. 8

Will pay good money for Deputy Liv's deviled egg recipe.

By Caitlin Busch
Resident Alien 208 PRE-AIR

The mid-season finale of Resident Alien Season 2 starts with a shootout. Rogue government agent David Logan (Alex Barima) wants to exchange the alien sphere he stole for an honorable discharge. However, before he can get an answer from General McCallister (Linda Hamilton) he takes a bullet to the chest and topples over the bridge into the rapids below. McCallister returns fire and runs, and we get a brief glimpse of the shooter: a man whose eyes look suspiciously… alien.

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**SPOILER WARNING: This recap contains spoilers for Resident Alien Season 2, Episode 8, "Alien Dinner Party."**

Things are a bit more relaxed in Patience — or so it seems. In an attempt to get Harry (Alan Tudyk) back on the payroll as the town doctor, Mayor Ben (Levi Fiehler) has organized an unauthorized birthday celebration at Harry's cabin. Alien egg in hand, Harry is none too psyched to see most of our favorite townies in attendance. He scuttles the egg downstairs while Asta (Sara Tomko) works to distract and/or remove the interlopers from the premises. No dice, though; the party is in full swing with Deputy Liv's (Elizabeth Bowen) deviled eggs as the star. This is a problem not just because Harry doesn't want anyone in his space but because, as he explains, if the egg hatches there's a good chance the half-alien baby will try to eat one or more of the guests.

So, of course, the egg hatches. While Asta and D'Arcy (Alice Wetterlund) chat about the latter's newfound sobriety and a maybe-pregnant Kate (Mederith Garretson) learns about Ben's lack of desire for another kid, a frantic Harry starts surreptitiously (for Harry, at least) searching for the baby.

Across town, Max (Judah Prehn) and Sahar (Gracelyn Awad Rinke) are on their own search for the sphere. Ever the more logical of our dynamic duo, Sahar connects Dr. Ethan's (Michael Cassidy) disappearance with the evening Max told the Men in Black the handsome doctor was the alien instead of Harry. They have to get to Harry's cabin and warn Asta but first, they have to escape their babysitter, Nurse Ellen (Diana Bang). However, it turns out Ellen is still the chillest person in town and she allows them to leave with the promise they'll be home before Max's parents (and that they don't do drugs).

Dan (Gary Farmer) is manning the grill at Harry's party when we see the first signs of half-alien-baby-induced chaos as a steak disappears from the grill. Meanwhile, D'Arcy helps Kate take a pregnany test and they discover she is, in fact, pregnant.

In an attempt to lure the alien baby out, Harry leaves a trail of candy. Asta finds him instead, so he lies to her and tells her the egg hasn't hatched. This leaves Asta calm enough to have a chat with Liv about the time Liv saw aliens as a kid and try to throw her off the scent. That sense of calm doesn't last, though, because Jay (Kaylayla Raine) arrives. To Asta's surprise and delight, Jay invites her to lunch to celebrate her birthday.

Overwhelmed (in a good way) by the invitation for real mother-daughter bonding time, Asta takes a moment to herself in the bathroom only to be interrupted by the alien baby leaping from the toilet bowl and escaping out the window. She's furious Harry lied and put everyone in danger. Everyone's safe for now, at least, in part thanks to Sheriff Mike's (Corey Reynolds) storytelling prowess and self-healing journey keeping them all entertained and indoors.

Harry, Max & Sahar Tangle With the Alien Baby

Unfortunately, Sahar and Max have arrived at the cabin and are very much outside. They witness the baby (who we'll henceforth refer to as "Baby") maul and eat a raccoon, and Sahar becomes convinced Harry is breeding aliens in the basement. They shimmy up a tree and out of reach, so Baby goes back inside and almost gets Ben — who's shooting his shot and trying to get Harry on board with being the town doctor again — while using its camouflage abilities. Harry passes Baby off as a "sick raccoon" to the others so they're at least aware of some danger. But Baby is determined: it can climb walls, swims around in the punch bowl (yuck), and has an apparently insatiable appetite.

D'Arcy and Kate confront Ben about his plans to vie for a resort to be built in town, and that's how Kate discovers D'Arcy and Ben spent an entire day together and he lied about it. Misunderstanding the fight they're having, Mike then accidentally outs Ben and D'Arcy's kiss to Kate, which adds a whole other layer of mess. D'Arcy and Kate get into a big argument that results in Kate revealing she's pregnant to Ben. Luckily, it doesn't take long for Kate and Ben to make up after they take a moment for just the two of them and apologize, but Kate and D'Arcy's relationship is now up in the air.

To keep folks inside as long as possible, Asta has everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to Harry — and that's when the power goes out. Harry heads outside to set a trap for Baby but he misses his former acquaintance from New York (the guy who hated him at the pie shop) who's lying in wait, armed in the woods. Asta and Dan grab the (loaded!) guns the original Harry had hanging around his house and descend to the basement to check the breaker and hopefully not get eaten. Instead of Baby, they find Sahar and Max huddled up. They tell Asta about the Men in Black who took Dr. Ethan and she has Dan escort them home.

Upstairs, Liv's memory of the aliens she saw as a kid is triggered by the sound of Baby's chittering as it sneaks around the house. Her husband John (Trevor Carroll) once again proves he's the husband of the year by not questioning her assertion that aliens have been to Patience before, which means they could be there now. He asks what she's going to do and she tells him she's going to call the alien tracker with whom she's been in contact and invite him to town.

Harry Gets a Disturbing Message from Goliath

With the power still out (Baby chewed through the wires) and her evening gone downhill, D'Arcy decides to leave. Asta chases after her with a rifle in hand and inspires her to reach out to the guy she likes but stood up, and it works! Their celebration can't last too long, though. Harry's found Baby and before he can grab it, it leaps onto his head and transfers some information to him.

In his mind, Harry finds himself atop a mountain with Goliath (David Bianchi), who reveals to Harry that their people aren't coming to destroy Earth because... it's too dangerous. There's already another alien race on Earth, but before Goliath can give Harry the vital info of which race it is, Harry is shot in the chest and Baby jumps off his head and into the lake, severing their connection.

Who's the shooter? None other than Harry's NYC friend and the guy lurking in the woods from earlier. He tells Harry he should have "done his job" and stayed in Colorado. He also should have never made Harry kill Dr. Sam Hodges, he says, and done it himself.

And with that admission, he's shot — by Asta! She's saved Harry but clearly doesn't know what to make of her own actions. She's killed a man, and D'Arcy is there, too. How will she explain all of this away?

Will Harry be alright? What will happen to Baby? And which alien race has already infiltrated Earth? We'll find out more when Resident Alien Season 2 returns this summer.