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'Resident Alien' Season 2: Go behind-the-scenes for the gory, zombi-fied details of Ep. 2

It's the end of the world as Dr. Vanderspeigle knows it.

By Josh Weiss

Just because the alien version of Harry Vanderspeigle (Alan Tudyk) failed in his mission to wipe out the human race doesn't mean the planet is safe from someone else showing up to finish the job. With the world still on the brink of destruction in Episode 2 of Resident Alien's sophomore season, the good doctor decided to construct an underground bunker for himself and his closest fleshy companions.

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Before he gets down to work on the post-apocalyptic refuge, though, Harry has a nightmarish vision of a decimated Patience where a zombified D'Arcy (Alice Wetterlund) blames him for all the destruction. Luckily, things don't stay serious for very long.

"It was really fun because we got to be much more stylish with that opening scene," executive producer/director Robert Duncan McNeill explains in a behind-the-scenes look at the latest episode. "Cars all scattered about, engines still running, and the doors open. Harry's just walking down and it's just like an apocalyptic zombie scene. We all sort of added our thoughts and ideas, the lighting and the color. We build towards the scary moment when he walks into the bar and D'Arcy's there. It was almost like Shaun of the Dead, is what I wanted to do. Turn it into a comedy that really fits Resident Alien."

Learn about the nightmare sequence, Harry's bunker, and much more in the featurette above, and keep watching for more Resident Alien exclusives on

The first two episodes of Resident Alien Season 2 are now available on the SYFY app and Peacock.