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Resident Evil showcase scares up Village, RE:Verse, and Infinite Darkness previews

By Vanessa Armstrong
Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

The Resident Evil franchise has been around for 25 years, and the series is celebrating the anniversary in style with the release of its next survival-horror game, Resident Evil Village.

In a showcase presentation today (shown below), Capcom not only announced the official worldwide release date for Resident Evil Village (May 7, 2021), but also confirmed that the game will be available on PlayStation5, Xbox Series X, and PC, as well as PlayStation4 and Xbox One.

To go with the news, Capcom also released a new trailer for the game, where players once again take control of Ethan Winters and take him through a village and an ornate castle to rescue his kidnapped daughter. The trailer also introduces us to Lady Dimitrescu, the apparent matriarch of the castle, where she resides with her man-blood-loving daughters.

Want to see the trailer in all its glory? You can check it out here:

If the trailer isn’t enough for you, the showcase also shared Resident Evil Village gameplay for the first time. The game keeps the first-person perspective, and the showcase gameplay finds Ethan entering the castle, which comes to horrific life with details such as an elaborate chandelier, dusty furniture, and ornate stairways. We meet some new characters as well — the aforementioned Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters, along with the Duke, who Ethan can trade with for weapons, among other things.

Interested in seeing the gameplay yourself? The showcase video below has the goods at the 34:34 minute-mark:

If that’s still not enough for you, and you have a PS5, you can also download a demo for the game, where you play a character called the Maiden. If you don't have a PS5, however, don’t fret: other platforms should expect their own demo sometime this spring.

The showcase offered up lots of other tidbits as well, including some images of the upcoming Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, the 3D CGI animated film that’s coming to Netflix sometime this year. On the game front, however, the showcase also touts Resident Evil RE:Verse, an online multiplayer title that will be available for free for anyone who purchases Resident Evil Village.

Want to see what a six-person Resident Evil death match looks like? Capcom also dropped a teaser trailer to give us a taste:

With the 2021 release of Village, RE:Verse, and the Netflix film, Resident Evil fans certainly have a lot of horrific things to look forward to this year.

Resident Evil Village is available for pre-order today for PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Steam for PC. It will be released worldwide on May 7, 2021.