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Rhode Island residents receive tax refund checks signed by Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney

By Josh Weiss
Walt Disney Mickey Mouse statue

Move over, Disneyland — Rhode Island is now the happiest place on Earth! Due to a glitch in the Division of Taxation's automated printing system, nearly 200 residents of America's smallest state mistakenly received tax refund checks signed by Walt Disney and his iconic creation, Mickey Mouse.

"The division is continuing to proactively contact impacted taxpayers to remedy the error, and apologizes for any inconvenience the error may have caused," Jade Borgeson, chief of staff for the state's Department of Revenue, said in a statement to CNN, which first reported the news.

It seems as though all those years of writing in Mickey's name for president of the United States are taking their toll ...

According to Borgeson, the checks should have displayed the signatures of state treasurer Seth Magaziner and state controller Peter Keenan. The refunds, which were mailed out last Monday, "were related to various business taxes," writes CNN, "including sales tax, corporate and tax credit refunds. A majority of them were corporate tax refunds."

If you're one of the "lucky" individuals who received an erroneously signed check from Walt and the famous rodent, you are urged to contact the Department of Revenue. Per NBC 10 WJAR, they can be reached by phone at 401-574-8829 (pick option 3) or by email at Be warned that you won't be able to deposit the faulty checks, as they've already been voided, Variety reports. Fret not, dear reader — new ones will be re-issued to affected recipients over the next week.