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Rich, anonymous benefactor seeks skilled gamemaker to design real-life battle royale

By Christian Long
Fortnite via official website 2019

First, you get the gamemaker, then you get the private island, then you have the battle royale. At least that's the plan for one anonymous wealthy individual, who's looking to create a real-life, three-day, 100-person battle royale.

The story started circulating after this apparently ambitious entrepreneur posted an ad on Hush Hush (via IGN), which is sort of like an Amazon meets Craigslist for the 1 percent, looking for "a talented gamemaker" to help bring this vision to life.

The gamemaker is said to get a six-week contract at £1,500 a day (roughly $1,965), for a grand total of £45,000, or just under $60,000. Whoever's behind this, they're "expecting the competition to be fierce" for this particular role.

The game itself will take place on a private island (because of course it will), where 100 contestants will compete for three days, 12 hours a day, with airsoft rifles and touch-sensitive armor. The other 12 hours they're allowed some R&R, with all the food and camping gear provided. It will also be a non-lethal event — in case the airsoft rifle thing wasn't a clear tipoff.

Even though it's not quite as dystopian as it might sound at first, the last player standing at the end of the ordeal will still walk away with the £100,000 jackpot, or $130,000 when converted to U.S. currency.

The battle royale format has become all the rage in online gaming, particularly with the rise of the mega-popular Fortnite, despite Prince Harry's objections. However, taking it into the real world is quite an ambitious task. Albeit one that someone is willing to pay a lot of money for.

If you think you know someone who's up to the task, you can check out the posting in full here. Maybe the competition will be so robust they'll have to have a battle royale just to decide who designs the battle royale.

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