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Herald the return of Ripley Ryan in Marvel's Captain Marvel spinoff, Star #1

By Jeff Spry

Starting Jan. 8, a Marvel Comics breakout character spawned from the pages of the main Captain Marvel title will be showcased in her own four-part miniseries simply titled Star.

This bold solo outing is written by current Captain Marvel scribe and Star’s prolific co-creator Kelly Thompson, then accented with engaging art by Javier Pina and Filipe Andrade — and SYFY WIRE is delivering an expanded preview of the sweeping premiere issue.

Star Cover

The plotline follows ambitious Ms. Magazine reporter Ripley Ryan, one of the innocent victims embroiled in Nuclear Man’s apocalyptic machinations, who's later revealed to be the charismatic hero, Star. Her daring heroics elicited adoration from her legion of admirers, but she actually was harboring a great secret, in truth being Dr. Minerva's cruel experiment to create a Kree-human hybrid Super-Soldier.

Yearning for the raw power and unlimited strength to steer her own destiny, she attempted to murder Captain Marvel and failed. Ripley was left defeated and incarcerated in the Raft prison compound. But something unusual has occurred as she escapes, and the villainous Star now discovers herself more empowered than ever as the new host to the ruby-hued Reality Stone, and no resident of the Marvel Universe is adequately prepared for her incalculable abilities.

Star Slice 1

Kelly Thompson expressed her extreme excitement at giving Star a shot at the spotlight in an era where it's difficult for a totally new character to gain much traction or importance in the larger Marvel universe.

"It's such a rare opportunity to get to delve into a totally new Marvel character like this — especially a villain — and to get to chart their course and define them so early on," Thompson tells SYFY WIRE. "I was exceedingly lucky to have Javier Pina on board to help me do that, just as I was so lucky to have Carmen Carnero there to design her in the first place."

Star Slice 2

Now with essentially no friends, no job, no money, the authorities hot on her tail, and sipping a crappy drink in a dive supervillain bar, Star must learn to harness her frightening powers before the notorious crimson ingot in her chest kills her first.

“The plan to reveal Ripley Ryan as Star has been cooking since before the first Captain Marvel script was on paper," editor Sarah Brunstad explained in a statement. "The whole Captain Marvel team has had such a great time developing her and waiting for her big moment, and I’m ecstatic that Carmen [Carnero] is staying with the character to do the covers for this miniseries. Kelly wrote some great dialogue in [Captain Marvel] #11 that get to the core motivations behind her attack on Carol. She’s an extremely relatable character who’s been twisted by the trauma she experienced from Nuclear Man in the first arc, and now she’s driven by fear, by the need to never be a victim again."

Star Slice 3

Soar into our five-page peek at Marvel Comics' Star #1 in the gallery below, then tell us if you'll invest some rewarding time with Ripley Ryan to see where her newfound extrahuman skills take her.