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'The Munsters' teaser recreates TV credits in first footage from Rob Zombie movie

The first footage from The Munsters is here, courtesy of Rob Zombie.

By Matthew Jackson
The Munsters

A year ago this week, Rob Zombie announced that his next film would be a re-imagining of The Munsters, the classic 1960s sitcom about a family of monsters who live in an otherwise ordinary suburban neighborhood. Now, the first footage from the film is finally here in the form of a teaser that recreates the original show's opening credits. 

Zombie, whose best-known film work includes R-rated horror films like House of 1000 Corpses and The Lords of Salem, called The Munsters "the one I've been chasing for 20 years" when he revealed the film last June. A lifelong fan of the sitcom who even named one of his signature songs ("Dragula") after Grandpa Munster's car, Zombie was clearly aiming to bring a lot of enthusiasm for the source material to the project. Now, we see that borne out by the footage. 

First shared on Zombie's Instagram Wednesday morning, the Munsters teaser follows the same format as the show's opening, which features the title family getting set to leave the house in the morning. Herman (Jeff Daniel Phillips) busts right through the front door, while his wife Lily (Sheri Moon Zombie) glides gracefully through the hole he left, and Grandpa (Daniel Roebuck) follows with a shovel in hand, clearly ready to do some weird Grandpa stuff with his day.

Check out the footage below, and watch until the end for a little peek at some color shots of the family at home. 

Though there were some initial concerns among fans that "Rob Zombie's The Munsters" would mean the family friendly property would suddenly transform into something gruesome, the filmmaker put those fears to rest earlier this year when he confirmed a PG rating for the project, in keeping with the lighter tone of the original series. 

“For those of you speculating, wondering and assuming that The Munsters would be dirty, violent and nasty…well, you are wrong,” Zombie wrote back in March. “It’s all good down on Mockingbird Lane.”

In addition to Phillips, Zombie, and Roebuck, The Munsters will also co-star Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira) as local real estate agent Barbara Carr, and original series co-star Pat Priest in an undisclosed role. It will also feature the return of deep cut characters from the TV series, including Uncle Gilbert and the horror host known as Zombo. 

The Munsters arrives later this year.

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