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Roswell, New Mexico announces OG cast member Jason Behr has 'multi-episode arc' in S2

By Jacob Oller
Jason Behr

Roswell, New Mexico was back at New York Comic Con in preparation for its second season — and things have been completely turned on their head. The CW show, a supernatural reboot about a town stuffed with aliens and drama, had supernatural death, rebirth, and plenty of romance. Now that it's getting more episodes, all that scientific craziness is only going to get wilder. Its NYCC 2019 panel kicked off with a video teasing all the soapy goodness on its way to fans straight from outer space.

The Season 2 trailer (which featured tons of makeouts, fistfights, and more) was followed by a talk with stars Jeanine Mason, Nathan Dean Parsons, Michael Vlamis, Lily Cowles, and Tyler Blackburn alongside executive producers Carina Adly MacKenzie, Chris Hollier, and Julie Plec. The topic of discussion: what's on its way for Season 2.

Turns out that Max's sacrificial death was planned from the beginning, as Blackburn explained that the choice was given to him early on during the show and it managed to stick all the way through the twisty finale. Alex, in Season 2, is "angry," Blackburn said. "He's at this really raw place right now and has this fire inside of him. He's out for blood." But thankfully this quest for revenge will be used for good ... at least in his mind.


Plec said she's proud of MacKenzie, who grew up on the original show, and loves watching the show's look evolve over the years. MacKenzie explained that moving on from the original's focus on "white people" was part of why a reboot made sense. "We have a very diverse writer's room full of people with very different experiences from mine," the showrunner said, hoping to expand the show's viewpoint. Similarly, the absence of subtitles during the show's Spanish was key for the show, as MacKenzie said that "not everything has to be for everyone."

"We dive right into dark times for Isobel and it only gets darker," but the real news is the upcoming characters. MacKenzie said Jason Behr of the original show would be appearing in a multi-episode arc (at least four) in the second season. He'll be directed by his former co-star Shiri Appleby. Other newcomers include Gaius Charles (Friday Night Lights).

Will they all show up as the show goes back to 1947 for five or six episodes? Only time will tell as Roswell, New Mexico will return in 2020 on The CW.

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