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Rumor of the Day: Hideo Kojima, Norman Reedus could return with new Silent Hills

By Jacob Oller
Norman Reedus in Death Stranding

Idiosyncratic video game icon Hideo Kojima left Konami to form his own company after his planned Silent Hill game, entitled Silent Hills, was scrapped back in 2015. Half a decade later and the rumor mill is swirling: will Kojima actually, finally get his shot at the horror franchise? Some interesting leads say yes.

First is a post by Kojima Productions' head of communications, Aki Saito, who says he's "Sorry to be silent everyone! I've been really busy lately.....I think i can say more soon about what we are going to....." which is either a massive trolling or a hint at a Silent update:

Further down the rabbit hole are the facts that his notepad reads "Next week," his pencil reads "Pyramid" (perhaps a reference to the franchise's terrifying monster Pyramid Head), and Kojima himself tweeting about making a horror game back in November:

Take all that information with a grain of salt. However, a few known dabblers of gaming rumors have also started spreading the intel that two new Silent Hill games are on the way. One is allegedly a Silent Hill reboot from the makers of the original — director/writer Keiichiro Toyama, creature designer Masahiro Ito, and composer Akira Yamaoka — while the other is reportedly a Silent Hills revival from Kojima.

Could the latter of these rumored projects involve actor Norman Reedus, with whom Kojima recently worked on Death Stranding and was the star of the interactive Silent Hills teaser P.T. that took the gaming world by storm a few years ago (before the game itself was axed)? Possibly — especially since Reedus just told Wired that he and Kojima were in talks to do some more stuff together:

At the end of the "playable teaser" that was P.T., gamers got a trailer for Silent Hills, directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. If that game is indeed back on — possibly spurred by the success of Death Stranding, then it follows that Reedus would be back as the protagonist. While none of these rumors have anything confirmed, there's enough swirling about the ether of the internet (some put out by Kojima's own company) that something seems to be going on...even if it's just a coordinated jab at a ravenous fanbase.