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Ryan Reynolds makes Deadpool crack (naturally) about potential Disney-Fox merger

By Josh Grossberg

The Merc with the Mouth is having some fun with the Mouse.

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds couldn't resist weighing in on Disney's rumored pending merger with 21st Century Fox, which could see the company take over fabled studio 20th Century Fox, which distributed the first Deadpool movie and is releasing its upcoming sequel.

Taking to Twitter, the actor channeled his wisecracking R-rated superhero alter ego, as he humorously entertained the possibilities such a buyout might create.

While an icky Mickey-Deadpool interspecies romance is a stretch, we wouldn't put it past Reynolds and the gang to include a few zingers about the buzzy mega-deal in Deadpool 2's advertising (which has already made waves with a viral teaser parody of Bob Ross), let alone include them in the follow-up when it hits theaters on June 1.

With the news that Disney is close to purchasing most of the Rupert Murdoch-owned 21st Century Fox's assets, Reynolds isn't the only one offering up crossover ideas — especially now that the historic acquisition would enable Disney-owned Marvel Studios to take back control of the cinematic rights to its X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises.

Enter Captain America's Chris Evans, who suggested his Marvel character mix it up with The Fantastic Four's Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch.

Personally, we prefer a Korg-Thing pairing better.

Missing media item.

Missing media item.

In addition to Disney's potential purchase of 20th Century Fox, the company would also assume ownership of its television production arm, 20th Century Fox TV, FX, and its National Geographic cable networks group, regional sports networks, and Fox's 30 percent stake in Hulu, leaving Murdoch with a much smaller entity that includes Fox News, Fox Broadcasting, along with a smattering of cable sports channels.