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A quarantine party takes a dark turn in first trailer for pandemic thriller 'Safer at Home'

By Josh Weiss
Safer at Home

In lockdown, no one can hear you scream...A virtual quarantine party takes an incredibly dark turn in the first trailer for Safer at Home — the latest thriller to mirror the COVID-19 pandemic. Set in 2022, the film imagines a world still grappling with the novel coronavirus. A brand-new strain has emerged and this one is both deadlier and more infectious than previous iterations of the pathogen that's kept the world shut down tight for the last year. With humanity still unable to leave their homes, a group of friends gather for a Zoom-based soirée that careens of the rails when they all ingest a drug that turns out to be something much stronger than molly.

Escape Room producer Will Wernick directed the movie from a script he co-wrote with Sorry Not Sorry scribe Lia Bozonelis. The pair of writers conceived of the story with John Ierardi (Obscurity). Alisa Allapach (Kingdom), Adwin Brown (You), Jocelyn Hudon (The Order), Dan J. Johnson, (Chicago Fire) Michael Kupisk (Henry Danger), Emma Lahana (Cloak & Dagger), and Daniel Robaire (In Development) co-star.

Mask up and watch the trailer below:

Safer at Home is the second feature to be produced in the last year that attempts to put a horror/thriller spin on the current health if reality wasn't scary enough. 

The first was Sonbgird, a Michael Bay-produced tale set in a dystopian version of Los Angeles. Over the weekend, writer-director Ben Wheatley's In the Earth debuted at Sundance. Also set against the backdrop of a deadly pandemic, the film was described by IndieWire as "the first COVID movie that dares to think beyond what it can see in front of its face, venture into the world outside, and confront how terrifying and necessary it’s going to be to commune with nature on new terms when the nightmare is over."

Safer at Home poster

Clocking in at 82 minutes long, Safer at Home locks down in theaters and on digital/VOD Friday, Feb. 26. Vertical Entertainment is handling distribution. Wernick, Ierardi, and Bo Youngblood serve as producers.

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