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SYFY WIRE Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Team Spike or Team Angel? Sarah Michelle Gellar’s daughter watched ‘Buffy,’ and she has an opinion

Should Buffy have ended up with Spike or Angel? Sarah Michelle Gellar's daughter has thoughts.

By Vanessa Armstrong
Sarah Michelle Gellar

If you’ve watched the late ‘90s series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you most likely have a strong opinion on which one of Buffy’s (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) two vampiric romantic relationships was the best. 

The two vampires in question are, of course, Angel (David Boreanaz) and Spike (James Marsters). And while the two were both immortals who needed to drink blood and eschew sunlight to survive, they were quite different characters and the cause of much fan debate as to which one was the best for the titular vampire slayer. 

It’s been 25 years since Buffy was first on the air, and it turns out that Gellar’s daughter, Charlotte, who is now 12, has watched the entire run of Buffy, and has her own strong opinions on the matter.  “I will tell you my daughter is definitely a pro Angel,” Gellar told Hollywood Life

Even though Gellar’s daughter was Team Angel all the way, Gellar also shared that Charlotte wasn’t too upset that (spoiler!) Buffy ends up with neither of them in the series finale. 

“I think there’s less pressure on the ending to satisfy so many people because it’s not in real-time. Right?” Gellar said. “And so they’re excited to see things wrapped up and they know what’s coming and I think it takes away a little of that pressure of pleasing everybody. And I think you’ll find that with most shows that people discover later. They’re less critical of an ending or things they don’t like. It’s sort of an interesting phenomenon with streaming and bingeing.”

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