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SYFY WIRE Scary Stories to tell in the dark

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark teasers make it look as scary as the books

By Christian Long
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark first poster

Four new teasers for the long-awaited adaptation of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark were released tonight. Three courtesy of the film's official Twitter account, while the fourth came during the Super Bowl itself.

The first one asks a familiar question about a certain toe, and another teases the appearance of the Jangly Man. The third is there just to get us hyped (which, mission accomplished), and the fourth really got under everyone's skin. Literally.

Even though all four were just quick glimpses of the film, by the look of things, it's made good on producer Guillermo del Toro's promise that its look will emulate Stephen Gammell's signature illustrations, which were a big part of what made author Alvin Schwartz's books so unnerving for kids.

These teasers were hinted at this past Friday night, when the official Twitter account RT'd del Toro's official unveiling of the horror film's first poster, with the added caption "This Sunday will be Scary." So make that two promises the film's made good on so far.

While the original book is a collection of unrelated short stories, director André Øvredal's adaptation will shift gears a little bit and follow a group of plucky kids trying to solve a series of macabre deaths in their small town. The screenplay, which is assuredly drawing influence from the book itself, was penned by Trollhunter scribes Dan and Kevin Hagemen. Del Toro himself came up with the story.

You can expect Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark to be unleashed in theaters on August 9.