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SDCC 2019: George Takei and the cast of The Terror: Infamy tackle two horrors


Last year AMC debuted the first season of The Terror, based on Dan Simmons' chilling 2007 historical horror novel centering around a doomed 19th century British arctic expedition to discover the Northwest Passage and a mythological snow monster stalking the starving sailors as they're trapped in endless sheets of polar ice.

The Terror Infamy

Now returning for a second anthology-style season on August 12, AMC is shifting to the harsh landscape of World War II and the bizarre horrors inside a Japanese Internment Camp to fuel its frightening sophomore outing.

The Terror: Infamy stars George Takei, Derek Mio, Kiki Sukezane, and Cristina Rodlo and chronicles a series of unsettling supernatural deaths that shatter a Japanese community already struggling with the horrific realities of these forced relocation centers in a paranoid, wartime America.

SYFY WIRE joined Star Trek legend George Takei, who actually lived through the internment centers, and other members of the cast at SDCC 2019 to learn about shocking secrets unearthed in the new season, the magic of cast chemistry, and the delicate art of mixing horror with history.

Additional material by Jeff Spry.