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SDCC 2019: Go inside The Orville Experience


It's no longer a requirement to have a badge to enjoy Comic-Con. One of this year's best offsite attractions is The Orville Experience; which brings the sci-fi universe of Seth MacFarlane's The Orville to San Diego. The producers of the series have brought down an impressive lineup of physical props from the series, as well as costumes, models, and even weapons. Visitors also get a chance to handle these items before taking pictures alongside Unk!

While checking out The Orville Experience, SYFY WIRE ran into executive producer Tom Constantino, who shared his enthusiasm for showing off the series’ best toys.”

"It's definitely some of my favorite stuff and Seth's favorite stuff," said Constantino. "It's all stuff that was iconic.. just something that people can see up close."

If you ever wanted to see Bortus' moustache up close, there's a life-sized bust of Bortus and other aliens from the series on display. But one of the primary attractions for us was the physical model for the Orville itself. Most of the shots of the ship on the show are pure CGI. Looking at a large physical model of the Orville showed us aspects of its design that we didn't previously notice.

Because we would be remiss if we didn't ask Constantino about the upcoming third season of the show. Fortunately, he was fairly forthcoming about where the show's production currently lies.

"They're in the middle of writing right now," said Constantino. "It's probably top secret, [but] I'll say we have about almost half of the scripts done."

For more details from The Orville Experience and the people behind the show, check out the full video!