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SDCC 2019: Playing the Alphabet Game at Comic-Con


Back in the ‘80s and most of the ‘90s, San Diego Comic-Con was truly focused on the comic book industry. But now, it’s become so much more. Comic-Con is the pop culture fusion of TV, movies, comic books, video games, cosplay, and more, all under one roof... and it just keeps getting bigger. There’s almost anything you can think of on the convention floor, and that’s what inspired this Comic-Con challenge.

SYFY WIRE’s Whitney Moore accepted the challenge of wandering the massive San Diego Convention Center floor while playing the Alphabet Game. The rules of the game were simple. Whitney had to start with “A” and find someone or something that featured an “A” in its name or its predominant characteristics, and then do likewise with the rest of the alphabet. She allowed herself three skips, enabling her to glide over three letters if she couldn’t find one within a reasonable span of time.

One of Whitney’s first skips came early, with the letter “E.” Granted, it was probably too much to ask for somebody to cosplay Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, but we want to see that at D23, people! For future reference, Whitney should have probably been on the lookout for the Elephantmen booth. Richard Starkings brings his creator owned comic to San Diego every year!

While Whitney did have to use her skips, it's still a lot of fun watching her fill out the rest of the alphabet. In fact, you can even play along at home with some alternate choices, although it might be easier just to let Whitney do her thing. 

For the complete Alphabet Game, check out the full video!