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SDCC 2019: Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland tells us about Solar Opposites


While Rick and Morty made its triumphant return to Comic-Con, co-creator and star Justin Roiland was also on hand to promote his new Hulu series, Solar Opposites. It's an adult-themed animated comedy about an alien family hiding out on Earth. Roiland co-created the series with Mike McMahan, and he also stars as the voices of Terry and Korvo. Sean Giambrone's Yumyulack and Mary Mack's Jesse round out the core members of the cast. 

SYFY WIRE caught up with the Solar Opposite cast and creators as well as executive producer Josh Bycel at Comic-Con. Roiland took the opportunity to pitch the series to new fans.

"It's four aliens and a pupae," noted Roiland. "They escaped their homeworld right before a giant asteroid hit. And in search of a habitable planet. They found Earth and they're kind of very childlike. They're very smart, but they're very childlike in their culture. They're naive. They don't know what right and wrong is... They don't understand that murdering is bad. I would not want to live in the same town as these aliens. They have the best of intentions, but they wreck absolute havoc on this town."

"As one cop in the town says, 'there's a lot of unexplained high concept deaths,'" added Bycel.

Giambrone and Mack also shared their thoughts about the sibling-like relationship between Yumyulack and Jesse, as well as the traits of their respective characters.

"I try to be very positive with my character, [Jesse]," added Mack. "But Yumyulack really brings me down as far as corrupting. And it makes me kill people."

For more details about Solar Opposites, check out the full video!