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SDCC 2019: The cast of Impulse charts new directions for Season 2


Impulse is an engaging new 10-episode sci-fi series that debuted last June on YouTube Premium starring Maddie Hasson as Henrietta 'Henry' Coles, a teenager who discovers she has the uncanny ability to teleport anywhere in the world yet her eventual destination is always random and beyond her control. The show, adapted from the 2013 Steven Gould bestselling novel of the same name, has a devoted following.

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Impulse is billed as a sequel to Gould's 1992 paranormal sci-fi novel, Jumper, which was adapted into a highly underrated 2008 film starring Star Wars actors Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson.

Impulse is executive produced by Hypnotic's David Bartis, Gene Klein, and Doug Liman, who directed Jumper and had always hoped to continue the sensational stories of these mysterious teleporters.

With Impulse Season 2 arriving later this year for another 10-episode run, SYFY WIRE sat down stars Maddie Hasson, Enuka Okuma, Daniel Maslany, Sarah Desjardins and showrunner Lauren LeFranc to preview the directions of the upcoming episodes, hear plans for upping the stakes, and learn why "strong female characters" aren't as simple as they seem.

Additional material by Jeff Spry.