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'Secret Headquarters' blends 'Spy Kids' with 'The Goonies' in trailer for Paramount+ superhero flick

Secret Headquarters exclusively heads for Paramount+ Friday, Aug. 12.

By Josh Weiss
A still from Secret Headquarters from Paramount Pictures.

Owen Wilson takes a break from erasing errant timelines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to save his son in the first trailer for Secret Headquarters. Arriving exclusively on Paramount+ next month, the family-friendly feature stars The Adam Project breakout star, Walker Scobell, as Charlie, a boy who learns that his mild-mannered father is secretly the world's most powerful superhero (clearly inspired by the likes of Iron Man and Green Lantern) with a clandestine base of operations right below the house.

When unsavory characters show up looking to get their hands on the do-gooder's alien technology that allows him to protect the planet, it's up to Charlie and his friends to save the day in a romp that seems to blend the genre sensibilities of Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids, Richard Donner's The Goonies, and Marvel's Runaways comics.

Project Power's Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman directed the film based on a screenplay they co-wrote with Christopher Yost (The Mandalorian) and Josh Koenigsberg (Orange is the New Black). In addition to Wilson and Scobell, Secret Headquarters also stars Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy), Keith L. Williams (Good Boys), Momona Tamada (The Baby-Sitters Club), Michael Peña (Moonfall), Abby James Witherspoon (Hot Pursuit), and Kezii Curtis (The Thundermans).

Watch the trailer now:

Scott Lumpkin (Reminiscence) and Orlee-Rose Strauss (Nerve) executive produced the film, with Jerry Bruckheimer (National Treasure) and Chad Oman (Top Gun: Maverick) on board as producers. Originally slated for a wide theatrical release, the title (first announced in early 2021) was moved to streaming last month.

“We have seen tremendous success with our high-quality kids and family content, and are excited to add this special superhero movie to our growing slate of Paramount+ original films,” Tanya Giles, chief programming officer, Paramount Streaming, said in a statement at the time. “Secret Headquarters is the perfect action-packed summer film for the whole family, making it a perfect fit for Paramount+ and our mountain of entertainment geared toward the whole household.”

Wilson is slated to reprise the role of agent Mobius in Season 2 of Loki, while Scobell makes his way to Camp Half-Blood for Disney's Percy Jackson series.

Secret Headquarters exclusively heads for Paramount+ Friday, Aug. 12.

Secret Headquarters Key Art

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