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Seinfeld for kids? Everything you didn't know about Bobby's World


In the '90s, Bobby's World outlasted Batman: The Animated Series, Spider-Man, and X-Men to become the longest-running animated show on Fox Kids. Only the Power Rangers edged out Bobby's World, and it remains a classic for young kids. Comedian Howie Mandel co-created the show and starred in the series as both Bobby and his father, Howard Generic.

But have you ever noticed that there are a lot of similarities between Bobby's World and Seinfeld? Both shows were active from 1990 to 1998, and both were based on the stand-up comedy acts by Mandel and Jerry Seinfeld, respectively. Bobby's World and Seinfeld also share an affinity for observational humor, though Bobby's take on everyday things tended to veer toward the fantastic. After all, Bobby was a young boy who was slowly learning about the world around him.

Even the cast of characters for Bobby's World and Seinfeld share some parallels between them, though we're not sure if we're convinced by the argument that Roger the dog was the equivalent of Seinfeld's Uncle Leo.

At its height, Bobby's World tackled some challenging subjects like death and translated them into relatively kid-friendly storylines. That's one of the reasons that the show remains beloved by its fans. By using Bobby as an audience surrogate, the series was able to impart some valuable life lessons ... and that’s one of the reasons that Mandel still wants to revive the series.

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