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First Listen: Jessica Jones is back with new mystery in Serial Box's 'Playing with Fire' audiobook

By Josh Weiss
Jessica Jones Serial Box

Are you yearning for more hardboiled mysteries starring Marvel's Jessica Jones? Fret not, dear reader! SYFY WIRE brings you an exclusive preview from Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire, from Serial Box. On sale tomorrow, the immersive audiobook finds Jessica trying to lead a healthier lifestyle full of therapy, a no-drinks-on-the-job policy, and a load of cases that won't strip her soul to the bone.

This self-care attitude is thrown out the window and spectacularly set ablaze when our hero takes on a missing-persons job that leads her to the body of a boy lying dead under an overpass. To the regular authorities, it seems like a simple overdose situation, but not for Jessica Jones — wisecracking and jaded private eye extraordinaire. Her obsessive search for answers may lead to her very undoing, but that's okay, just so long as there's some booze along the way.

In our never-before-heard audio snippet (taken from Season 1, Episode 1), Jones meets with the boy's frantic father, Colin Greene, who doesn't seem to be all that accepting of super-powered folk. Still, a job's a job, even if it means you're forced to confront the fact that everyone you love is dead. Don't worry, though, Malcolm's still around.

Take a listen now:

Did you catch the "Hellfire" reference in there? Could we be in for some X-Men cameos in this story, or is it simply a reference to a place where Mr. Greene's son was last seen? Aha! The mystery is afoot, Watson ... er, Jessica.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire is narrated by Fryda Wolff (Apex Legend, Mass Effect: Andromeda). It was written by Lauren Beukes (The Shining Girls, Broken Monsters); Elsa Sjunneson (Alone in the Light); Zoe Quinn (Vertigo’s Goddess Mode); Vita Ayala (Marvel’s Nebula; Age of X); and Sam Beckbessinger (Team Jay). The cover art (below) was drawn by Annie Wu.

You can pre-order all 16 episodes of Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire right here for $9.99. Serial Box has also collaborated with Marvel on e-books based on Thor and Black Widow. A Black Panther-based project is on the horizon as well.

"Over the last 80 years, Marvel has grown to become a lifestyle for every kind of fan around the world — but it all started from serialized storytelling," John Nee, publisher of Marvel, said in a statement when the partnership between the two companies was announced last winter. "We were impressed by the quality and creativity of Serial Box’s content, and we are excited for both Marvel and Serial Box fans to experience these new stories together each week."

Jessica Jones Serial Box cover art